Feng Shui – Chinese Wealth Ship

Often in the office of a reputable company or someone visiting you can find a souvenir in the form of a ship “loaded” with coins or banknotes.

This is no coincidence, because such a sailboat, according to the Feng Shui philosophy, is a sign of financial prosperity, business consistency and global prosperity.

In order to enable wealth is knock on the door of your office, shop or home, purchase a model of any boat with sails, fill it with gold jewelry, money or other jewelry.

And then put this souvenir in a prominent place. Moreover, in such a way that it “swam” without fail towards you, otherwise all material abundance will pass by and go to someone else.

This symbol of Feng Shui originates from antiquity, when the caravels that landed at the port were associated with expensive goods, gold bars and overseas curiosities.

You can “hasten” luck by setting your “success ship” specifically in the direction of the favorable number of Gua. This will make fortune easier and allow it to bring down a stream of happiness, luck and prosperity on you.

You can buy this mascot of Feng Shui, like any other Chinese oriental souvenirs, using special online stores. Many traders of similar esoteric goods provide the ability to remotely order and purchase online.

The assortment of such shops selling oriental gifts is quite wide – you can choose and buy Feng Shui mascots both for yourself and pick up unusual souvenirs for your friends.