Feng Shui : Easy Tips for Singles to Attract Love in Life

I think what is Feng Shui, today is known to each of you, dear ladies. It is impossible to explain its effect, you need to believe in what you are doing.

And seriously and jokingly, she made a list of tips for attracting love. Tips based on Feng Shui are taken from various sources.

1. Free up space for men’s items. His toothbrush, slippers, boots and suits.

2. Improve yourself. Be open, let new knowledge, hobbies, interests, acquaintances come to your life.

3. Love your body, it is unique and inimitable.

4. Hang a picture of the moonlit path in the bedroom.

5. Create a love zone in the Southwest of the apartment.

6. Clean the area of ​​love in advance from excess debris and unnecessary items.

7. Put paired items in the bedroom.

8. Hang on the wall in your apartment images of a man and a woman together.

9. In the Southwest corner of the bedroom, place a list with all the wishes for the future partner.

10. Remove the mirrors from the bedroom.

11. In the Zone of Love, lay a sea shell.

12. Buy red underwear and wear it for the night.

13. Activate the zone of love using various talismans and symbols.

14. Light candles in the love zone as often as possible.

15. Hang red lights in the Zone of Love.

16. Place red and yellow candles in the love zone.

17. Put a transparent quartz crystal or crystal thing in the love zone.

18. To support the energy of the earth, hang a mountain landscape.

19. Hang a picture of a couple in love.

20. Place bouquets of peonies or daffodils.

21. Dress so that the clothes were details of red color.

22. Sleep on a double bed with two pillows, but one mattress or sailor.

23. Repeat the mantra “Love yourself and watch” – today, tomorrow, always.