Feng Shui : Effects and Remedies for Irregularly Shaped House

And the first thing we will do with the help of bagua is to adjust the shape of the apartment and each room. Ideally, any room, whether it is a single room or the entire apartment, should have the correct shape – rectangular, square, round or octagonal. If the form is incorrect, it means that some sector of the bagua is absent in it. And this leads to failures in the sphere of life with which the missing zone is associated.

If there is no NORTHERN ZONE responsible for the Life Path and Career, or in its place there is a protruding corner, a person living in such a house has difficulty moving up the career ladder. Even with talent, he will not be able to achieve any significant career success. It is difficult for such a person to decide on the choice of profession and place of work, he does not know what he wants in life, he spends titanic efforts to achieve even the most trifling goals, and besides, he can often get sick. A room or alcove (a large niche) in the place of this zone contributes to business success, stable income and enrichment, and also helps a person to get a clear idea of ​​which direction he needs to move through life.
In the absence of the NORTH-EAST ZONE – the sector of Knowledge and Wisdom – a person does not strive for self-improvement and spiritual growth. Moreover, this applies to all areas of his life: study, work, relationships with others … If this zone, on the contrary, has alcoves or a room falls into it, a person living in such a house will be a good student, and self-development will be a natural need for him.

If there is no EASTERN SECTOR in charge of Family and Health, or if it has a ledge, the inhabitants of such an apartment, as a rule, feel a lack of vital energy, are often sick and constantly conflict with each other. In such a family alienation reigns, strained and insincere relations, despite any attempts to change this situation. If the energy of this zone is strengthened by alcove, the residents are distinguished by strong family relationships and good health. If the SOUTH ZONE, which is responsible for Glory and Reputation, is absent or has a protrusion, the inhabitants of such a house constantly experience excessive excitement about public opinion and, as a rule, have inadequate self-esteem. If this zone, on the contrary, has alcoves, the flow of qi in it will contribute to self-realization and fame.

In the absence of the SOUTH-EAST SECTOR – the Wealth and Prosperity sector – those who live in such a house fall into frequent failures in business and financial affairs. If in this area there is a room or alcove, this will contribute to luck, financial success and a confluence of many happy “accidents”.

The absence of the SOUTH-WEST SECTOR associated with Love and Marriage “provokes” difficulties in establishing long-term relationships with the opposite sex. If this zone has alcoves, a person enjoys a long and happy relationship.

If there is no WESTERN ZONE associated with Children and Creativity, there may be no children in the family living in such a house, and if they are, their creative abilities may not find sufficient expression or encouragement. Yes, and the talents of parents can also be “buried.” If there is a room or alcove in this area, it is very likely that the residents of such a house are distinguished by their creative abilities and are very sociable; friends and relatives like to visit them.

And finally, in the absence of the NORTH-WESTERN SECTOR associated with Friends, Patrons and Travels, a person living in such an apartment may experience problems in relations with colleagues, bosses, sponsors … If the energy flow in the northwest is increased, that is, there is a room or Alcove, similar problems will not arise, moreover, relations with others will develop in the best way by themselves. In addition, the presence of an alcove (room) in this area will facilitate frequent travel and enjoyment from them.
If there are all bagua zones in the house, there are no ledges or alcoves, the luck of its inhabitants is not blocked, and the path to success is open for them in any area of ​​life.

All this primarily concerns the apartment as a whole. If the apartment itself is of the correct form, but some sector is absent in one of the rooms, this is not so dangerous, but correction will still be required, since part of the energy, and with it part of your luck, will be lost.

The missing zone is called negative space in Feng Shui, since it implies a deficiency of one of the forms of energy that is necessary for a prosperous, harmonious life. In most apartments, such a negative space is available. Put the bagua on the plan of the apartment and each room in turn – and you will find out if all the sectors of bagua are present in your house. And if your apartment and all the rooms are in the correct shape, you can proceed to the next step. For those less fortunate, I invite you to rectify the situation: with the help of old proven recipes for Feng Shui, we will “unlock” your luck!

“Add” missing sectors – return good luck to the house
The ideal solution is to “add” the missing sector by replanning. However, this is only possible when it comes to a country house. Fortunately, this is not the only way to solve the problem. In the arsenal of Feng Shui, there are many means to compensate for the lack of beneficial qi.

Interior items to create the right space

The shape of the room can also be corrected with the help of interior items. At your disposal:
wooden partitions,
bookshelves and shelves
all these objects will divide the room into two sections of the correct form.

If you decide to opt for a screen, choose one that would depict any symbols of happiness and abundance, it can be fruits, trees, flowers, cranes, swallows. Remember that it is undesirable to put a screen in an accordion, otherwise its corners will radiate negative energy. Firmly attach the screen to the floor or suspend it so that it does not move at the slightest touch. If the room does not have ledges that distort its shape, and all sectors of the bagua are present, but there are niches and alcoves, fill them with some furniture – a cupboard, a bed, a desk, or put indoor plants with thick foliage there. It is impossible to leave a niche empty and all the more to fill it with trash, otherwise stagnant energy will accumulate there.