Feng Shui – Color Meanings and Tips to Create a Beautiful Home

Each of the nine Ba-gua zones has its own color. If the color gamut of materials and accessories used in the interior of individual rooms coincides with the color favorable for each Ba-gua sector, then the flow of Qi will increase.

Positive energy is able to change the direction of movement, and you can force it to aim in that direction, the strengthening of the influence of which you need.

The meaning of color

The Meaning of Red Colour in Feng Shui

In China, red is considered the color of strength, activity, passion. The combination of red and gold (any other symbol of money) in the interior is a sure means of attracting good luck, a symbol of happiness and prosperity. If you need to direct Qi to the sectors of wealth or fame, then red is the perfect helper.

Use red to attract Qi and good luck should be careful. The abundance of red in the interior can cause aggression, anger in a Fire person, plunge into a chaos the measured life of a Metal person. In turn, red does not tolerate blue and black next to it – symbols of Water.

Using Red Color in Your home as per Feng Shui

Fei-shui recommends using red and its shades in rooms, one way or another connected with vigorous activity (physical or spiritual) to create an atmosphere of inspiration, energy, which are under the auspices of Fire. Sports and games rooms, a kitchen, a restaurant are typical examples of such facilities.

Accessories of “fiery” color will strengthen any sector of your home, bring dynamism to every sphere of life, add decisiveness to your actions and optimism of thoughts.

In areas of marriage and family, its presence is desirable, but in a small amount, in combination with another color that restrains the energy of red, such as white.

Remember that if you want to arouse passion and love in your marriage partner, you can achieve the exact opposite result: a scandal or such a strong outbreak of anger that will destroy and incinerate your relationship with your loved one.

Where not to use Red Color in your home as per Feng Shui

Caution tip: do not use red for painting gates, doors, and windows oriented west and east.


Orange is a shade of red color, combining its strength, energy with the good nature of yellow. This is a very auspicious color, it is conducive to communication, carries with it the energy of goodness, well-being and creation. You can attract positive energy to the zone of children with this color.

Orange is called the color of knowledge, as it stimulates mental activity, imagination, has a beneficial effect on the process of remembering information by a person. It is advisable to use it for decorating reception offices, living rooms and classrooms (including educational rooms of educational schools).


Gold is the color of Metal, honor and respect. In China, clothes of this color could only be worn by the emperor, his relatives, and those elected from among the courtiers. Its warm metallic luster is able to change people’s moods to positive, optimistic, enhance self-esteem, arouse all virtuous qualities of the character of people of Metal, Earth, Water.

Gold is the color of money, combined with red is a symbol of wealth and abundance. Most often, it is used in the interior precisely for the purpose of attracting monetary fortune, achieving financial prosperity in an honest way (painstaking work, diligence, perseverance), in areas of wealth, marriage, and children.


White color symbolizes the purity of a person’s thoughts, his innocence and carelessness. He awakens a love of detail, exact sciences, and crafts, requiring scrupulousness and precision in the performance of work (watchmaker, pharmacist, calligrapher).

The meaning of bright white in Feng Shui is similar to the meaning of light (solar or artificial): it attracts Qi. However, his presence in the house or apartment is carefully dosed, verified and analyzed in terms of maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang. The completely white room is cold, dazzling, you feel as restless in it as in a room where everything is painted black.

White color refers to Yang, it is a certain extreme, which in principle is disharmonious, unnatural, does not occur in nature (the human eye sees in white several deck decks of gates, doors, windows oriented in the north or south directions.


Blue – the color of Heaven, peace and Its main property, which is widely used in Feng Shui, is the ability to calm, bring humility to the soul, the desire to know the world and its place in it.If

your house has a room for meditation, then blue is perfect for decorating it.

To plunge into thoughts about Heaven, your destiny, Tao, the harmony of the world, it is not at all necessary to go to a special room. It is enough to choose such an item in the interior of your office, bedroom or even the kitchen, which attracts an additional flow of qi and makes you want to think. It can be a landscape or a carpet on the wall in blue tones, a blue rug for meditation, a porcelain set made in the same color scheme.

Blue is the color of Water, a shade of blue. Blue and even more saturated, bright color – indigo – sharpen intuition and stimulate spiritual drives in a person’s soul. They will attract additional qi to family and knowledge areas. The Colors of Water are ideal for those rooms in the house that are under the auspices of this element – in the bathroom, toilet.


Green is the color of the Tree, associated with spring and growth, symbolizes peace and quiet. This color calms, pacifies, treats for stresses, tempers sorrows and relieves mental pain.

In the wealth zone of your apartment, it will become a symbol of profit, growth of family welfare, if you complement the interior with red and gold colors. In the zone of glory, green will attract the flow of qi and bring harmony to your relationships with others.

The yellow-green color scheme is calm and optimism – those qualities of character that will allow you to achieve good luck and take a worthy place in society. By activating with the green zone of a career, you will achieve a career advancement. The green color is also suitable for those rooms where people sleep, relax and relax – for a relaxation room in the office, living room or dining room, light green is good for decorating a children’s room.


Violet is called the color of mystics, idealists and clergy. As you can see, it is closely connected with the spiritual side of human life, stimulates imagination, carries energy and peace at the same time, leaves the impression of the presence of something unearthly, wonderful, magical. Each person sees something special in him, but interprets it in his own way: violet makes some people turn his thoughts to God, for others he stimulates the creative process and inspires noble deeds, others immerses him in dreams.

One thing is obvious – this color aggravates the sensory perception of the world, therefore it is not suitable for those rooms where people relax (body and soul). It is best to use it to activate a zone of wealth. You will feel inspired, new ideas will visit you, an influx of positive energy will help you focus and do business.

Violet in the zone of wealth can be supplemented with red and green, you will get “explosive” symbolism: inspiration + energy + progress and optimism. With this potential, you will overcome all obstacles and will certainly succeed.


Yellow is the color of the Sun, fun and good luck. It symbolizes positive energy. The energy of the Sun gives life to everything that is on the earth of beauty: plants, animals, man. Yellow color stimulates, amuses, animates even the darkest rooms and makes everyone smile, enjoy life and think only about the good.

The stimulating properties of yellow are used in the sector of fame and the center of luck. Luck is a reward for optimism, energy and humanity. Use the color of good luck to attract happiness, sincere warmth, improve mood, and activate positive thinking into your home.

Yellow is perfect for decorating a living room – the spiritual center of your home, a place where all family members socialize and have fun.

How to attract good luck with the help of color

– all colors refer to either Yin or Yang. Avoid the predominance of one color, try to create a harmonious palette of colors, because a person feels best in a house where harmony reigns, where the natural balance of Yin and Yang is preserved and maintained;

– experiment with the brightness, saturation and intensity of various colors, select such combinations that perfectly match the purpose of the rooms, your goals;

– Light is your faithful ally, it will help to effectively highlight the desired color, enhance its brightness or change its tone in the right direction (warm, cold). Try changing the lighting of the rooms (bright, muffled) and notice which one has the most beneficial effect on your well-being and mood;

– Each of the listed colors activates a specific Ba-gua zone, is a universal means of attracting Qi. But you enhance the effect provided by the color if you add your own to the main color – the color of your element.