11 Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom

In order for you to relax and have a good night’s sleep in the bedroom, not only the shape and location of the bed is important ; but remaining furnishings also play a role – and no less significant. Things that create tension do not let you relax, bring a lot of Yang energy to the bedroom, which should be removed. There are several strict prohibitions regarding the bedroom.

Feng Shui Tip 1 Avoid fountain and Pictures of Water in Bedroom

* Try not to keep mirrors in the bedroom – especially near the bed. Mirror stands for the element of Water, which has the property to accumulate energy – avoid mirrors, fountains, aquariums, paintings depicting water landscapes. 

Although all these items attract good fortune and wealth, they are unfavorable in the bedroom. The mirror reflecting the bed contributes to the unfaithfulness of the spouse and the loss of understanding with him. 

Difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, poor health – the cause of all these ailments can also be the presence of a mirror in the bedroom. If you do not want to remove the mirror from the bedroom, hang it so that the bed does not reflect in it, or cover the mirror with a curtain and open only if necessary. 

The only completely safe option for the location of the mirror in the bedroom is on the inside of the cabinet door. In general, everything that has a reflective surface, must be kept outside the bedroom. Even a TV can do much harm. If you cannot do without it, cover the screen at night. 

Aquariums, fountains and paintings with the image of water bring wealth and abundance, but near a bed they can bring troubles on you – robberies and loss of money.

Feng Shui Tip 2 Do not Keep Flowers in bedroom

* You cannot keep flowers and pictures with their image in the bedroom. In the bedroom of couples, they create vibrations of distrust, and in the bedroom of a single woman they “repel” potential partners from her. Flowers in the bedroom benefit only in one case – when you recover from an illness.

Feng Shui Tip 3Reduce Number of Indoor Plants in Bedroom

* The number of indoor plants must be minimized: during sleep, they take away energy from a person. If you have nowhere to rearrange the plants, shut off curtains from them at night. The only exceptions are plants that protect sleep – arrowroot, ficus, cyclamen.
In addition to electromagnetic fields, electronic equipment, especially a television set, emits powerful flows of Yang energy that interferes with sleep. Therefore, it should also be removed from the bedroom if possible. At the very least, pull out the plug for the night.

Feng Shui Tip 4Avoid Family Photos in Bedroom

* Do not keep photographs of parents, children and ex-lovers in the bedroom. Not a single thing in the house should remind you of love failures. Even a photograph of a former sexual partner hidden in a bedside table will impede a new romance. A photograph of parents can provoke childhood fears or subconsciously create bans that will interfere with love relationships. As for the children, you don’t want them to “spy” on what is happening in the marital quarters? Imagine for a moment this picture: you are making love, and your mother, a child or an ex-husband are looking at you from the table … Can you relax and give free rein to your sensuality? Unlikely.

Feng Shui Tip 5Avoid Photo/ Drawing depicting Single Man and Woman in Bedroom

* Do not hang in the bedroom images of single men (women) – otherwise you yourself can be left alone. There should only be attractive, romantic photographs and works of art depicting happy couples in love.

Feng Shui Tip 6Avoid Piles of Clothes Under the Bed

* Do not make piles of clothing under the bed. Do not put boxes, suitcases, stacks of newspapers, books, toys under the bed. Any thing under the bed (with the exception of the magic talisman) creates stagnant energy, the harmful effects of which you will be exposed to during sleep. Nothing should be above the head either – no paintings, no lamps, no mirrors, no lockers, no bookshelves – they will bother you while you sleep. This also applies to built-in furniture forming hollow spaces. Hollow spaces emit “poisonous arrows” on a sleeping person, putting pressure on his head and throat.

Feng Shui Tip 7Do not Sleep under a Ceiling Beam

* You can’t sleep under a ceiling beam and in a room with a sloping ceiling – these structures emit destructive energy that can cause serious harm to your health, relationships and general well-being. For example, a beam passing over the bed along the room creates an invisible line dividing the pair. And if the beam passes across the bed, it can cause diseases of those parts of the body over which it lies.

Feng Shui Tip 8Avoid Sharp Corners in Bedroom

* Make sure that the bedroom has as few sharp corners as possible. And near the bed, if they are aimed at a sleeping person, sharp corners are completely contraindicated. Sharp-edged furniture emits “poisonous arrows” that can wound your love relationships and health. Prefer furniture with smooth, rounded shapes, hang doors on open shelves. If sharp corners cannot be avoided, cover them with a climbing plant or drape.

Feng Shui Tip 9Choose the Right Bedside Tables

* Choose the same bedside tables and tables – this symbolizes equality and harmonious relations with your spouse. For the same purpose, provide sufficient space on both sides of the bed and free access for covering it. Bedside tables and bedside tables should not be higher than the bed level: this interferes with the free circulation of qi above your bed.

Feng Shui Tip 10Select a Proper Mattress

* Never sleep on a mattress divided in two by a longitudinal seam. Do not make two mattresses and two beds with each other to get a double bed. Such layouts can harm intimate relationships. And since we are talking about mattresses, never leave a mattress associated with your ended relationship after a divorce or breakup with your loved one. It is permeated by the energy field of the former partner, which will impede new relationships. Throw it away and buy a new one! Incidentally, this also applies to beds. Follow your state of mind after breaking up with your ex-lover. If you are a sensitive person and cannot sleep peacefully in a bed where you have made love for a long time with a person who has now become a stranger to you, it is better to change the bed. Be careful with used beds! They contain the energies of their previous owners, and these energies can be either positive or negative. Before you bring someone else’s bed into your bedroom, make sure that it is not associated with illness and misfortune. Otherwise, you risk “taking over” the suffering of the former owner.

Feng Shui Tip 11Use the Bedroom only for Relaxing and not for Working

* do not use the bedroom for activities other than relaxation, especially for work. Work involves activity associated with the energy of yang, and rest is associated with passivity and the beginning of yin. If a person works in the same room where he sleeps, he is constantly “between two fires”: in the morning it is difficult for him to tune in to work, and in the evening it is difficult to fall asleep. If you have to sleep and work in the same room, distinguish between sleep and rest areas. Hang a curtain between the bed and the workstation, place a rack, a cabinet or bookshelves so that the workplace is not visible from the bed. In addition, the area of ​​the workplace should be more brightly lit than the sleep area.