Feng Shui for Construction

When building a house, the main attention should be paid to laying the foundation. Some people believe that the architectural design and interior of a house is more important, but they do not understand what losses and losses can be caused due to a weak foundation.

Before you start building a house, consider the following eight recommendations.

1. The type of soil at the construction site should be established. Find out if your soil is hard or sandy, swampy or rocky.

2. The following features of land plots are considered unfavorable:

  • the place of the former cemetery or funeral home;
  • the place where the murder occurred; c
  • the place where the landfill, the cesspool or the place where the waste was burnt was located before;
  • the place where there has ever been a big fire;
  • a place where several large old trees grow.

3. Inspect the surroundings of the site. Find out how driveways and sewer pipes go. Take note of the shape of neighboring houses and land.

4. When destroying vegetation at a construction site, make sure that no tree roots remain in the ground.

5. Consult with a geomancer on the most suitable form of housing for you. For the owner of the house to live happily, rooms and other parts of the building must be in harmony with each other.

6. Consult with a geomancer about the time at which it is better to begin construction work.

7. During construction, when laying support pillars and other important structural elements, do not forget to put “five happy objects” in each pit. This will help bring favorable qi to your home.

8. To ensure that construction work continues without interruption and to attract beneficial chi to your home, avoid any conflicts with workers.