Feng Shui for Fence, Gate and Garage

fence is the boundary separating a house from the outside world. If at the entrance to the house a person encompasses a state of comfort, tranquility and serenity, this is a good sign. This state indicates that the qi in the house flows smoothly and unhindered and that all elements of Feng Shui are balanced.

Feng Shui for fense:

When establishing the height, length and orientation of the fence to the cardinal points, the following rules are usually taken into account:

1. The fence or fence around the land should not be too close to the house.

2. The fence or fence around the land should not be higher than the house.

3. The height of the fence should be constant throughout.

4. It is not recommended to put a fence with sharp corners to the house.

Feng Shui for gate

The basic rules of Feng Shui regarding the gate are as follows:

1. Do not decorate the gate with poison ivy.

2. It is not recommended to install barbed wire above the gate.

3. Gate leaves should be vertical, not horizontal.

4. If there is also a smaller gate next to the large gate, then you should not decorate the upper trims of both gates with thorny plants.

Feng Shui for Garage:

The location of the garage should also be carefully calculated. The basic rules are as follows:

1. The garage should not be located above the tank with toxic waste.

2. Do not put the garage on the “side of the tiger” (right side of the house).

3. The owner’s bedroom should not be located above the garage.

4. The driveway to the garage must not be in front of the front door.

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