Feng Shui for Front Door: Direction, Decoration

The front door is the entrance to another dimension, a feature that separates the interior of your home from the outside world. The door has a special power, because it is designed to let in good energy into the house and prevent the penetration of evil into it. It is through the front door that a significant part of the energy of the surrounding space enters the house. Our task is to lure as much qi into our territory as possible: if there is a lot of qi in your house, there will be prosperity in your life. Now I will tell you how to make the front door attractive to qi, spending a minimum of effort.

Beauty attracts Good luck

Please leave the apartment and take a critical look at your door. Do you like her? Is it clean, is there any scratches on it, is the paint peeling off from it? Check for door hinges creaking, locks and handles in order? Does the call work well? Does it make a pleasant sound? Is there a plate on the door with the apartment number, how aesthetic is it? Is the eye okay? Does the entrance rug crumble from old age?

Why all this? The fact is that qi, like you and me, attracts beauty. Your success and abundance will be promoted only by a neat, reliable and aesthetically attractive front door with perfectly functioning locks and fittings. If the door looks unattractive, it must be urgently put in order or, if it is quite old, simply replace it with a new one. Otherwise, I assure you, something will constantly go wrong in your life.

The purpose of the front door is not only to replenish the energy supply of the apartment, but also to save energy inside, avoiding leaks – this is also important to remember. These qualities are most possessed by a thick massive wooden door. Now people are trying to put metal doors for security reasons. 

From a magical point of view, this option is successful only when the door is sheathed with decorative material. A metal door without lining does not attract qi, but rather, “scares away” it. Most preferred is wood cladding. Plastic and glass inserts are not recommended.

Find out which side of the world your door is facing

The direction in which the front door is located plays no less important role than its appearance. To identify it, stand in the hallway facing the door with a compass in your hand and see how many degrees it shows.
– 157.5 – 202.5 degrees means that your door faces south;
– 202.5 – 247.5 degrees is the southwest;
– 247.5 – 292.5 degrees – west;
– 292.5 – 337.5 degrees – northwest;
– 337.5 – 22.5 degrees – north;
– 22.5 – 67.5 degrees – northeast;
– 67.5 – 112.5 degrees – east;
– 112.5 – 157.5 degrees – southeast.

The front door and the location of the bathrooms

The door must never be placed directly under a bathroom. When we buy a house we check that upstairs there is no such arrangement that the bathrooms are possibly placed in a column. If we find ourselves in this situation we should be able to use another one as the main door or move it. 

What if we can’t do any of the above? We place a very powerful light source right on the ceiling which will partly purify this negative energy. The front door does not even have to be facing a bathroom (which happens in our home). 

The only way to counter this disposition, which sucks up all the positive energies that enter the door, is always keep it closed .

The front door and the stairs

Another inauspicious arrangement is that right in front of a staircase , a very frequent arrangement in the West, especially in England and Holland for example. 

The longer the ladder, the more bad luck it will bring. An excellent remedy is to divert the first steps of the staircase so as not to have them perpendicular to the door. 

Another alternative is to place a visual barrier or hang a wind rattle directly above the door (outer side of the wall) and a strong light source.

The front door and the mirror

A mirror right in front of the front door is highly ominous because it reflects the Chi and brings it out immediately . W

hen using mirrors, the first tip is to carefully examine what is reflected in it. Even if it’s not positioned right in front, it may inadvertently reflect it. In this case it must be removed or shielded.

The front door and the other doors

When three doors are arranged one in a row the feng shui will be decidedly inauspicious, even more so if the last door is the one at the back of the house. If we find ourselves in this highly negative situation, a barrier must be created at the middle door . It can be a screen, a room divider, a wind rattle or a pair of flutes (a little less effective). Another important thing is to try to always keep the middle door closed.

Corridors, especially if long, are also a problem. The worst situation is that at the end of the corridor there is the bedroom because it is like being at a T-junction. To overcome this disposition, you have to slow down the Chi with objects, for example plants, bamboo canes and wind bells. Even two doors facing each other or worse three doors placed in a triangle bring conflict and bad luck. In this case we should insert a wind rattle hanging from the ceiling, in the middle of the triangle of the three doors or a light source.

The front door and the corners

If in the design phase, we will hardly create houses with pillars or edges right in front of the front door, it is true that in some renovations I have seen them. Sometimes because the apartment was divided and the entrance doors moved to create two access doors. The edges that we usually find when there are niches or diagonal walls are a little more likely. In the event that in front of the door there are corners or pillars we must visually correct them with plants.

The front door and windows
When a main door looks directly at a window on the opposite wall it will be difficult to hold Chi . If the windows are full height, the same situation described in the example of the doors in succession described above will occur again.

Front door Details

There is a widespread belief that the front door should face east or south, but not northeast and not on the “side of the tiger.” However, not everyone knows the reasons why this orientation is recommended. Here are the explanations that usually lead to this.

Orientation of the door to the EAST is explained by the fact that the morning ultraviolet radiation of the sun is favorable, and the daytime and evening – too intense.

The location of the door on the SOUTH side of the house is due to the fact that the south wind is usually even and steady, while a sudden gust of wind or a flurry disrupts the flow of qi in the house.

If the door goes to NORTH-EAST, this facilitates access to the house of evil spirits, in other words – negative qi.

The ban on placing the door on the “side of the tiger” is based on the rule that the mouth of the tiger should be closed. Opening and closing the door is tantamount to tiger jaw movements leading to health problems and business failures.

The eight main types of orientation of the front door can attract good or bad qi, exerting the following influence:

1. Life force qi brings money, fame, health and wealth to the house.

2. Happy qi helps in the successful completion of affairs, brings peace and happiness to the family.

3. Smooth qi grants meetings with good friends, obedient children and happiness in the family.

4. Hesitant qi also gives happiness in the family, but successes will not come to the inhabitants of the house immediately, but gradually.

5. Unlucky qi causes minor misunderstandings between family members, as well as ease in both obtaining and spending money.

6. Evil power indicates accidents and health difficulties.

7. Choking chi brings constant quarrels and scandals, loss of reputation by family members, failed investments.

8. Dead qi deprives the inhabitants of the house of good luck in all matters, brings misfortune and death of children during childbirth or at an early age.

Note: For more detailed characteristics of qi, see the Feng Shui Digest.

To ensure an influx of favorable qi, the location and shape of the house and land should also be harmoniously combined with the owner’s birth date. The ideal is the case of compatibility with the birth dates of both spouses who own the house.

Feng Shui makes the following eight requirements for placing the front door:

1. The door of the house should not be located opposite the gate leading to the land.

2. There should not be a tree or a pillar in front of the door.

3. The door should not go to the corner of the neighboring house, to the chimney or to the water tank.

4. The door should not face the Y-shaped road.

5. The door should not face the T-shaped road.

6. The door should not be located opposite the church, funeral home or police station.

7. The door must not be opposite the gate, front door or driveway to the neighbor’s garage.

8. Do not open the door to the toxic waste container.

Certain requirements are also imposed on the interior of the front door:

1. The door should not be located opposite the stairs leading to the second floor of the dwelling.

2. The door should not be facing the corner inside the house.

3. There should not be a pillar or column in front of the door inside the house.

4. The door should not be blocked by a wall, so as not to restrict the flow of favorable qi.

5. The front door must not be located opposite the back door.

6. Opposite the front door of the house there should not be a washbasin, sink and water pipe.

7. The front door should not be located opposite the bedroom door.

8. When entering the door, the toilet, stove and fireplace should remain out of sight.

Additional directions regarding the front door are as follows:

1. The back door must be smaller than the front door.

2. The front door should be located at the same level with the wall, not protruding from it and not going deep into.

3. You should consult an experienced geomancer regarding the dimensions of the front door.

4. The dimensions of the front door should be proportional to the overall dimensions of the house.

5. The lanterns at the main entrance should be in harmony with the overall design of the home.

6. Do not place on the facade of the house three doors on the same line.

7. The front door should not be placed opposite the living room door.

8. If the front door consists of two wings, both wings must be the same size.

9. It is recommended to bury “five happy objects” under the threshold of the front door from the inside.

10. It is undesirable to decorate the front door with too many details.

Now remember the successful and unsuccessful directions that you determined using the number of gua. Ideally, the front door of the house should be in a direction favorable for the owner of the house. The owner of the house should be considered the one who brings money to the house and stands at the helm of the family ship. Go back to the numbers of gua and see if the direction of the front door is among the favorable directions of the head of your family? If so, you are lucky; if not, then in this case the trouble is not great. Wherever the front door is located, in Feng Shui there are always ways to enhance its attractiveness to qi. These means are color, decorative door trim and objects – attributes of the elements. It is worth picking them correctly – and your door will become a real magnet for good luck!

View from the threshold of your house

Let’s see what kind of view opens from the entrance to your apartment – this is very important. In the hallway, energy accumulates and then goes on a journey through the apartment. Remember how qi should move so that well-being settles in the house? Smoothly and leisurely, without encountering obstacles in its path. And the view that opens from the threshold just determines the nature of the flow of energy in your home. Unfortunately, many apartment layout options create very unfortunate conditions for qi movement. Bad layout options. How to fix the situation:

* If the entrance hall is small and there is a wall right in front of the entrance door, when entering the house, qi will inevitably stumble upon this barrier and feel stuck in a small space of the entrance hall, unable to move on. This situation is also projected on the circumstances of your life: something will always hinder the achievement of your goals. This design flaw is very easily corrected. Hang something catchy on the wall opposite the front door, such as a landscape picture or a beautiful carpet. It is desirable that the picture corresponds to the direction in which the hallway is located. If the entrance hall is in the north, east or southeast, the ideal solution is the image of water, for the southwest, west, northwest and northeast – mountains, for the south – red flowers. The same recommendations apply to carpet: choose its color and shape in accordance with the direction of the hallway. In addition, in the south, east and southeast, instead of the front door, you can hang a plant instead of a picture and a carpet (it is best artificial, since not all living plants tolerate a lack of light). In a word, focus on the characteristics of the elements, your own taste and intuition.

* The next unsuccessful layout option is when the toilet immediately enters the field of vision when entering the house. The toilet is a source of destructive stagnant energy. The same thing, only to a lesser extent, applies to the bathroom. Both of these premises are connected with the element of Water, symbolizing money and emotions. This arrangement of the bathroom and toilet indicates that your financial means or emotions are “leaking” out of the house. Regardless of where the toilet and bathroom are located in the house, always keep the doors to these rooms closed, and if they are in the hallway and are striking from the threshold of the apartment, they must be properly masked. If the toilet (bathroom) is located on the side of the entrance to the apartment, hang a large mirror on its door, and if opposite the front door, you need to place some noticeable object in front of the toilet so that it distracts attention to yourself, – a ceramic floor vase, a small round table with a bouquet of flowers, a stand with indoor plants, wind chimes, bamboo flutes, and a decorative pendant. Only aquariums and fountains are not suitable for this purpose: such powerful attributes of Water opposite the front door contribute to the “drain” of money from the house.

The layout is not too successful when a view of the bedroom opens from the doorway of the apartment: most likely, you will constantly feel tired, deprived of energy, you will always want to lie down all the time. There is only one way out – to constantly keep the door to the bedroom closed.

* An unfavorable situation is when there is a window or door to the room directly opposite the entrance to the apartment. In this case, the energy entering the house will dissipate too quickly. And this is contrary to our plans. How to keep qi in the house in this case? It is necessary to place a symbolic obstacle between the entrance to the apartment and the window / door to the room – wind bells, bamboo flutes, a plant, a pendant. If you prefer the latter option, then choose a pendant that has a rounded shape or a pagoda shape – such pendants symbolize prosperity. “Aggressive” pendants with sharp edges can not be hung in the house. Please note that all of the above is true not only for the front door, but for all other doors and windows in the house. Two doors, two windows, a window and a door located directly opposite each other do not allow qi to linger in the house,

I have combined the following varieties of unsuccessful layout, as they are connected with stairs and concern only those who live in a two-story apartment or a country house:

Often the stairs to the second floor are located opposite the front door. In this case, the flow of qi is too rapid, and if you do not take any measures, luck will not stay in the house for a long time. On the way to the stairs, place some large or catchy object – a decorative vase, a stand with indoor plants – or hang wind chimes, bamboo flutes, and a pendant between the door and the stairs.
If the staircase to the second floor is located on the side of the front door, the ideal solution is to install a partition, for example, a clothes hanger: it will create a barrier that slows down the flow of qi.

* Spiral staircases are extremely unfavorable. They look spectacular and, of course, decorate the interior, however, they create destructive energy. If your house has a spiral staircase, replace it with a straight line if possible.

Do not disregard the space under the stairs. As a rule, people put unattractive objects there – old newspapers, buckets, rags, mops, brooms. This place (however, like any other) in no case should be like a dump, otherwise there will be stagnation of energy that slows down the pace of life, causes lethargy, apathy. If you want to use this space for household needs, which is quite rational, make your storage closed. Install a spacious built-in wardrobe under the stairs – such a pantry, especially if it is kept in order, will not offend the aesthetic feeling of sophisticated qi. Also under the stairs you can put a tall houseplant that tolerates a lack of light, such as ficus or monstera.

* All other hallway layouts from the energy point of view are favorable. The best option is when the living room is visible from the threshold. In this case, you will have a comfortable feeling of transition from the bustle of the outside world to the quiet pier of your homeland. Successful is the location opposite the entrance to the study or children’s room. With this layout, your family members will excel at work and school. The kitchen opposite the front door is also a good option, but in this case, a “side effect” can be increased appetite and, as a result, the risk of fattening.

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