Feng Shui for Front Door to Protect from Evil

I hope you have not forgotten that the magical purpose of the front door is not only to let energy into the house, but also to protect it from evil. The protective function of the door is activated using special Items of Strength and your own psychic energy. I will give you several recommendations, you can choose one or several of them at once.

* Hang a bag of garlic, dried dill or salt at the door.

* Hang any bell on the doorknob.

* Place two needles crosswise under the mat on the outside of the front door.
Drive three nails into the door from the outside in the shape of a triangle, with the top pointing upward.

* Put a knife or several pebbles with a through hole under the threshold.

* The item that you are going to use to protect your home from the penetration of evil from the outside must be precharged with your energy – this activates its magical properties, “launches” its work as a talisman. To those who have forgotten how to do this, I remind you: pick up the item in your hands and hold it for 5-7 minutes, presenting your house as an absolutely protected, safe place.

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