Feng Shui for Hand Bag

Woman’s luck is in her … bag. The color of the bag, its contents, as well as how the woman holds the bag – all this affects the smile or grimace of Fortune. So says the Singapore Feng Shui master John Locke.

According to Locke, in order for LUCK always to accompany you, you need to hold the bag in your left hand – this “increases what gets into it and reduces what is taken out of it”.
Watch carefully where you put your bag. If you are sitting, it is best to put it on the left, unless you are with friends, because people give more power than inanimate objects.

Chinese geomancy uses elements of fire, earth, water, metal and wood.
Locke explains that red, pink and violet colors, together with an angular shape, belong to the element of “fire.” These elements radiate confidence, so you should choose these in those cases when you need promotion at work.

Square shapes, coupled with yellow, orange and brown colors – this is the element of “land”, and they are good when you need to seem more accessible.

Rounded white, silver, gold, chrome, bronze or gray bags belong to the element of “metal” and can give thoughts clarity and strength.

Green, light blue colors and shades + square shapes – this is a “tree”, they are good for finding harmony.

Curved shapes in combination with black and dark blue belong to the element of “water” and enhance luck, and also show that the owner of such a bag must be respected. In order for the bag to bring good luck, not only color is important. It is desirable to have good luck charms in it – a bundle of three coins or an item of the same color as the bag itself.

Some feng shui schools claim that color combinations can enhance health and even cure diseases.

This also applies to bags. If you are unwell, such color combinations are good: black-white, red-gold, violet-silver. But the combinations: red-white, green-yellow and blue-red are bad for health.

As for the sizes, the recommendation of Feng Shui is simple – the more the better.