Feng Shui for New Home and Housewarming

Anyone is pleased to have their own home. But life in your home should bring real luck, wealth and happiness. Use the following tips to attract the supportive powers of Mother Nature to your home.

1. Before entering a new home, check the wiring throughout the house, gas, water, and sewer pipes. Place your house in order.

2. Make a list of birth dates for all family members and households who live in the new home. Talk to your Feng Shui master about how to best arrange your beds. This is very important, because each occupant of the house should feel comfortable in his corner.

3. Do not forget to place the talismans over the front and back doors. This ensures that evil spirits do not enter the house with you.

4. Choose an auspicious day for housewarming.

5. Entering the new house, first bring in the statues of the saints, then – money, rice, butter, sugar and salt, and then everything else. It is advisable for spouses to drive into a new home together.

6. A pregnant woman should not be involved in moving to a new place. Before you move into a new house, it must be born. If it is impossible to postpone the move for a while, consult a Feng Shui master and take measures that neutralize the danger.

7. Having entered a new dwelling, immediately go around all the rooms, turn on the lights everywhere, open the water taps. Make sure everything in the house is in good condition.

8. In the old days there was a custom to arrange fireworks for housewarming; these days, this tradition is almost forgotten, so you can just turn on the music. Invite a priest to receive a blessing for a new home.

9. On the first day of your stay in the new house, drink local water. This will mean that you have accepted the conditions of the new place.

10. The first night after housewarming is recommended to be spent in a new house. If for some reason this is not possible, carefully put the nightwear on the bed.