Feng Shui for Office

We spend a third of our lives at work. How to make the atmosphere in the office work for us?

It is best to sit with your back to the wall.
According to ancient Feng Shui, the way your desktop is located will greatly affect your promotion, salary, relationships with management and colleagues, and the prosperity of the common cause.

For a harmonious state and fruitful work, it is necessary to pay attention to how his table is located in relation to the window, walls and doors. The best option is to sit with your back to the wall. In Feng Shui, the wall is the most reliable protection. However, if you do not have such support, it is not necessary to rearrange your desktop – just put a small mirror on it or get a chair with a high back.

Sitting facing the wall is a bad decision. This limits perception and ability. The situation can be corrected by expanding horizons with the help of a picture or photograph “with perspective.” The main thing is that it does not depict wild animals or abstractions with a large number of angles. In general, sharp corners or faces of walls, columns, tables, aimed at a person, are a source of harmful energy flows. A small partition, a hanger with clothes or a climbing plant can become protection against them.

It is not very successful if there is a window behind the employee: a person sitting in this position is in the path of energy flows. To fix this, curtains, blinds or tall houseplants standing on the windowsill will help. By the way, all this can and should be used if an unsightly view of closely-standing houses and their corners opens from the window of your office.
The energy of the office can be suppressed by various architectural elements hanging overhead – beams, ducts. To prevent this from happening, red tassels or bells should be hung from the ceiling.

Feng Shui Workplace

When organizing personal space in the office, it is important to attract the “breath of life” into it – qi energy. The success of your business, career advancement, relationships with management and colleagues will depend on this. What needs to be done to make your workplace happy?

PROSPECTS. It is advisable that your eyes do not rest against a wall or partition. The free space in front of you provides an opportunity for development and creative thinking. To create the illusion of perspective, hang a panoramic picture or mirror in front of you.

TELEPHONE. If you’re right-handed, put him next to the right, if you’re left-handed – in the far left corner. This will help you attract good luck, make useful contacts, achieve financial success. Do not reach for the handset with your right hand to the left and left – to the right. In this position, the hand blocks positive energy.

PETS. If a large number of people work in the room or a lot of visitors come to you, put on your desktop some bright favorite subject or photographs of your loved ones — it is better to place them on the right, in a sector dominated by the energy of emotions. For example, you can get a red mascot, it will not only please the eye on your table, but will also benefit: after all, the Chinese have red – the color of leadership and a symbol of wealth

COMPUTER. It generates a large amount of energy of creation and creativity. To balance this powerful stream, direct it in the right direction will help objects of bright colors – blue, red, orange. Using a computer, you can also harmonize the workplace environment. To do this, you need to install a screensaver on the monitor with a picture of the landscape, pleasing to the eye.

ORDER. The energy of old and unnecessary things does not allow you to enter the life of the energy of renewal. Let only what you use at least several times a day remain on your table. Take away the rest. Unnecessary papers accumulate negative energy, provoke business stagnation, and disorder introduces confusion and confusion into thoughts.

GLASS. Keep a glass of clean drinking water on your desktop. By placing it on the right edge of the table, you activate creative forces and ingenuity, on the left – knowledge. But the water should always be fresh – stagnant liquid accumulates negative energy.

ADDRESSES. If you often have to use the address book, put it on the right – in this place it will bring maximum benefit.