Feng Shui for Staircase

A staircase in a house is extremely important as it connects the qi flows of the upper floor to the lower. Carefully consider the number of steps on the stairs. Traditionally, steps are considered either three or four. The count of steps of three is the so-called gold-silver-death cycle; score of four – the cycle “luck-prosperity-failure-decline.” The last step in the staircase must be in gold or silver, or in luck or prosperity. Thus, a favorable number of steps is 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 and 22.

An experienced geomancer or Feng Shui master will be able to determine the favorable orientation of the stairs in the house with the help of a Chinese compass. In general, different types of orientation can activate good or bad qi, affecting the fate, health and social status of the owner of the house. If the staircase is located in a place where it prevails:

  • qi of vitality – the fate of the owner of the house will improve significantly;
  • happy qi – fate will also improve, but gradually;
  • even qi – luck will be changeable.
  • hesitating qi – luck will gradually turn away from the owner of the house;
  • unlucky qi – luck will fluctuate significantly;
  • qi of evil power – there will be a lot of trouble through the fault of family members who commit wrong or shameful acts, thereby destroying the reputation of the family;
  • choking qi – the family will gradually decline due to financial problems and illnesses.

Six basic rules associated with the placement of stairs in the house:
1. The staircase should not be opposite the front door.
2. Do not place a staircase in the center of the house.
3. The staircase should not be placed opposite the toilet door.
4. The staircase should not be opposite the bedroom door.
5. The staircase should not go in the direction of the corner of the wall.
6. The house should not have two stairs facing each other.

Additional recommendations:
1. The staircase should not be too steep and too narrow; undesirably large number of bends and turns; spiral staircase not recommended.
2. Do not place the stove in front of the stairs and under the stairs.
3. The staircase should be well lit throughout.
4. In order to attract good qi and ensure good fortune to the owner of the house, when building the stairs, do not forget to put the “five lucky objects” on each step (if the stairs are concrete) or on the first and last step (if the stairs are wooden).