Feng Shui for Swimming Pool and Garden

Having thought of building a pool in the courtyard of your house or in the house itself, you must try to observe a number of important rules. After all, for example, if you place the pool in the western part, it can bring trouble or illness to the family. So …

1. The location of the swimming pool in a good location is extremely important. Consult a geomancer on this subject.
2. The swimming pool should always be filled with water, preferably filtered and clean.
3. For the swimming pool, the shape of a rectangle and a polygon is not recommended.
4. Never place the pool in the center of the house.
5. The pool should not be located on a raised platform.
6. It is not recommended to install drain pipes on all sides of the pool.
7. The grotto or fountain decorating the pool should not be polygonal.
8. The grotto should not consist of three parts, built on top of one another.
9. The statues of saints in the garden should not face the corner of the house or the pillar.
10. The mainsail should always be lit.
11. Withered flowers around the grotto should be replaced with fresh ones in time; Any breakdowns of the fountain should be repaired immediately.
12. Paths in the garden should not be paved with too fancy-shaped tiles.
13. In the garden there should be no stones resembling the shape of animals.
14. It is undesirable to place a large tree in the house.
15. Withered trees in the garden should be cleaned immediately.
16. It is desirable that there are no prickly trees and bushes in the garden.
17. To balance the flow of qi, dig in the grotto or under the pool “five happy objects.”
18. Water from the swimming pool must not leak into the tank with toxic waste.
19. If there is a gazebo in the garden, its roof should not be polygonal.
20. For the construction of the mainsail and swimming pool, a suitable date should be chosen.