Feng Shui for Wallet

Wallet is very important for a person from the point of view of Feng Shui. In it we store our money, credit, bank, discount cards. Without a wallet, we rarely leave the house, and if we forget, we feel insecure. Much depends on how much cash is in it, primarily our mood. It’s not a secret that the lack of finances leads people to despair, and as soon as the wallet is replenished with another coin, it seems that life is smiling at us again!

Appearance story

In the Middle Ages, the functions of a wallet were performed by the so-called omoniers – money bags made of leather. They were hung on cords to the belt. And before that, the money was stored in corsets, lapels of hats, behind the shafts of boots, in general, where clothing and imagination allowed anyone. But paper money appeared and riot policemen became uncomfortable, they required improvement, and as a result of this, current wallets, purses and wallets appeared.

Wallet-related features

It’s better when someone has given you a wallet.
You can’t give an empty wallet, you need to put at least some money there.
If in a dream you saw your wallet full of money, then you will find a happy life in abundance.
How to choose a wallet

Most wallets, wallets and purses are made of leather. Nowadays, wallets come in a variety of sizes, colors, with numerous compartments for money and cards. Choose the taste! But how to choose a wallet? You must be able to choose a wallet. You need to think about whether the wallet branches will be conveniently located, its size, texture and even color.

It is best to choose a wallet in which bills do not bend in half.

Secrets of attracting money to your wallet

There are some tricks to make your wallet always full:

Three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon are one of the best Feng Shui mascots for attracting money. It is best if you bandage them yourself, while thinking about wealth and prosperity.
Carry a piece of dry peppermint or a peppermint candy wrapper in your wallet because peppermint attracts money.
The same applies to grapes, oranges and lemons and green tea. Pictures with their image will serve as an excellent magnet for attracting money.
If we talk about flowers, then bright yellow sunflowers and clover (especially four-leafed) – to money luck. The same applies to the image of the Feng Shui wealth tree.
You can put beans and a slice of cinnamon in your wallet – spice attracts money, and beans save it.
A dried piece of horseradish or a sprig of heather are old Russian money-raising funds.
According to Feng Shui, green rectangles have great energy. If you translate this into money, then dollars will perfectly play their role. $ 1 denominations and in the amount of 4 pieces are especially good (4 – the number of Wealth in Feng Shui).

A wallet should always look neat, not be torn and dirty.
Money in the wallet should always lie neatly, it should not wrinkle and tear.
In order for the wallet to attract as much money as possible:

money needs to be piled “face up”, first large, then small.
a wallet should never be empty, even if it contains a bill of at least the smallest value or a coin. This will mean that you do not spend every last penny.
keep in your wallet your “lucky coin” that you received from a successful person, from a successful transaction, etc. This coin will be your personal lucky talisman.
won, found, donated money should not linger in the wallet (how easy it came, let it go so easily).

torn, rumpled, crumpled money does not belong in your wallet! Before you put a bill in your wallet, straighten it; if the bill is torn, seal or exchange it.
the same applies to all kinds of garbage: old checks, pieces of paper, lists, snippets with phone numbers, etc. Money “will not go” to such a wallet.

as soon as the wallet is torn, peeled off or zippers and fasteners break on it – replace it! Abrasions, kinks and holes emit the negative energy of poverty. Through holes, money energy disappears from you.

A wallet is primarily a symbol, a symbol of money. And what a symbol, such and such money!