Feng Shui for your Car

Many people spend several hours driving daily. The car became their second home – and, like a real home, a reflection and extension of their personality. Negative qi accumulated in the car can cause irreparable damage to the health of its owner. Remember that a car is an extension of your personality. If you treat him well, he serves you faithfully. Some people even talk to their cars, give them names and perceive them almost as living. In some countries, cars are even sanctified. Do not forget that negative energy generates a negative reaction – and take care of your car.

As a rule, a car corresponds to the classical system of four spirit protectors. Its back is higher than the front, and on both sides it is covered with doors. The same system should follow and the seats in the car. Cars with a low rear and rear entry inspire a feeling of insecurity. Small pickups and wagons, open at the rear, are unsafe in that the cargo can easily fall out onto the road or become the prey of thieves.

The taillights of the car perform the function of a Turtle, warning drivers moving behind that they need to brake. Therefore, make sure that they remain clean and do not fail. Replace blown bulbs immediately. Cars with hinged seats (for example, expensive sports models) are also vulnerable from the rear, because the position of the Turtle in them is weakened. Often this badly affects the driving style of the owner of such a car.

Car Decorations

Stickers on the rear window – especially with inscriptions like “Keep your distance,” “Baby,” or other polite warnings — reinforce the Turtle’s position. However, playful stickers and illegible labels have the opposite effect, prompting the driver of the rear car to drive closer. Stickers should not cover the rear view.

Avoid jewelry that distracts you. The windshield plays the role of the Phoenix, and any moving object on it like a hanging toy can create instability and prevent the driver from concentrating. Do not clutter the rear seat with loose objects: with each sharp turn or braking, they will fly throughout the cabin.
Even people who do not consider themselves superstitious are not averse to taking any talisman with them on a trip. In Western countries, the guardian for drivers is considered the image of St. Christopher – the patron saint of travelers. Other cultures also have their own protective talismans. Cultural differences also affect car numbers. The Chinese avoid the number 4, because it sounds like a word denoting death, and Westerners, obeying ancient prejudices, prefer not to deal with the numbers 13 and 666.

Automobile and sensory organs

The car interior should be well ventilated. Fresh air connects people traveling in a car with the outside world and contributes to the normal circulation of energy in the limited space of the cabin. If the air is stale, the driver gets tired faster, and the risk of an accident increases. For air freshening, you can use natural aromatic oils, which, among other things, cheer up. Rosemary, neroli and lemon relieve irritability and promote clarity of thinking.

The driver needs a good overview. A clean windshield and headlights will allow you to clearly see the road, even on a foggy day and at night.
Treat your car’s engine the same way you treat your own body. Inspect and repair regularly.

Person and car

Our car is a reflection of our personality. A neat, clean car allows you to create a much more flattering view of your owner than a soiled one. The color that we choose for our car will largely determine the attitude of other drivers towards us. Do you often give way to red cars with youths driving? When choosing a car, do not forget about the harmony of the five elements.

Color selection

The color of the car should be in harmony with the color of the element, which corresponds to your year of birth on the Chinese calendar. For example, a young and somewhat aggressive young man, especially born in the year of the Fire Horse, should not choose red, because he will further enhance the element of Fire. It is better to opt for the dark blue or black colors that will “cool” the Fire, or for the colors of the Metal element that weaken it — white or gray. On the other hand, a driver experiencing problems with concentration and born in the year of the Water Pig will be helped by the activating color of the Tree (green) or the supporting color of the Metal (white or silver)

Car number

In various cultures, associations associated with certain numbers are very diverse. In China, the symbolic meaning of a number is largely determined by how the name of that number sounds. For example, the number 4 sounds like the Chinese word “death”, and therefore is considered unlucky. On the contrary, the number 8 is similar to the word “happiness” and causes pleasant associations. The number 88 is considered doubly lucky. Numbers containing a sequence of three eights are very popular and cost a lot of money.