Feng Shui Golden Rules for Selecting your Wallet to attract Prosperity

Rule 1. The color of the wallet in Feng Shui.

It is known that each person has his own element. And the color of your wallet depends on which element you belong to. Your color of wealth must be selected based on your element. But pay attention: whatever your element, do not buy purses of blue and blue color, as money will disappear from them, like water through your fingers.

Element and Color
Earth: yellow, beige, orange, gold
Tree: green, brown
Fire: scarlet, burgundy, red
Water: black, blue, purple, blue
Metal: silver, gray, white

Rule 2. Feng Shui wallet size

Better not buy folding wallets. Choose wallets in which banknotes will not bend or wrinkle. Buy an imperial sized wallet. When choosing, pay attention to its width, depth and height. It would be very good if the size of the wallet was favorable on all sides, but if this was not found, then choose a wallet with at least one favorable side. And if you find a wallet that is perfect on all sides, then consider that luck is on your side.

Rule 3. Feng Shui wallet material.

And perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a wallet is what material it is made of.

The best material for a wallet is leather. Such a wallet is, of course, expensive, but you must admit, because you can donate a certain amount now, so that later your wallet always attracts money.

Polyethylene wallets are best avoided. Not only do they not carry any monetary energies in themselves, but they also block the access of natural energy.

Cloth wallets and suede wallets can be purchased without fear. They affect your financial viability just like skin.

When a wallet is purchased, one should not forget about the talismans that must be worn in the wallet to attract cash flow.

Rule 4. Talismans for the wallet

Most people like to wear photographs of their loved ones in their wallets. But this cannot be done. Firstly, monetary energy, passing through a photograph of a native person, can greatly harm its energy, and secondly, photographs do not affect monetary energy in the best way.

It is better to wear one of several Feng Shui mascots in your wallet: it can be three Chinese coins suspended on a red ribbon or an imperial feng shui mirror. You can get this mirror in special shops. It will help increase your cash flow.

The smell of mint is considered to be a monetary aroma in Feng Shui, so if you want your wallet to never be empty, drop one drop of essential peppermint oil into it. If for some reason peppermint oil is not suitable for you, you can just put a candy wrapper from peppermint gum or candy in your wallet. A leaf of mint will have the same place.

Also, to attract money, you can put the first coin you have earned into your wallet. This will also increase your financial flow.

A bean pod will protect you from theft and excessive spending of money, and a piece of horseradish put in your wallet will attract even more cash flows and material luck.

And if you want to save money for some purchase or for vacation, then Feng Shui experts recommend finding a picture of the thing you want to buy and putting it in your wallet. And every time you open the wallet, you will see this picture, thereby creating positive vibrations that will bring you the missing amount.