Feng Shui Green Dragon

Green Dragon

Symbolizes power and happiness, brings wealth and satisfaction. With it, you protect your home from the evil eye and other negative energies.

The dragon itself is a symbol of men, therefore, if he gives away too much of his energy, the stronger sex living in the house will become very aggressive. However, due to the combined influence of the other three heavenly protectors, energy is distributed evenly.

The power of the mascot

Choose a small figure, otherwise tension between the residents of the house may arise. Please note that the Dragon should have 4 claws on each paw (the imperial dragon, which has 5 claws, strongly suppresses the atmosphere in the house, which leads to quarrels and insults).


The mascot should be placed to the left of the house, on a low hill, in which case it will positively affect your life. If the hill is very high and you can’t change it in any way, you should increase the strength of the White Tiger (it will block the aggressive influence of the Dragon). If there is no hill to the left of the house, plant a hedge there and place a figurine on it or pour a hill on your own.


Place the figurine or painting in the east of the apartment (in the family zone), on a fairly high shelf, but not taller than human height. It is desirable that this was a living room, because it is the center of family life. There it is auspicious to gather for family dinners, tea parties and holidays – the Dragon will help create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness. The bedroom is not suitable for placing a mascot because the Dragon has a very powerful energy, so it will interfere with sleep and rest.


Specially activate the talisman is not necessary. However, if you wish, to smooth out the Dragon’s somewhat aggressive energy, place wooden household items or fresh flowers next to him or hang pictures with spring landscapes.
White Tiger