Pets as per Feng Shui

Pets on Feng Shui It is believed that animals bring Yang energy to the life of the owners and to the room. But not all of them have a positive effect on the inhabitants of the house.

Cats as Pets as per Feng Shui

Cats are the best conductors of cosmic energy. Her calmness is combined with attentiveness and willingness to protect herself and her surroundings. They will never make a simple, meaningless movement. Each step, deed, movement is filled with purpose and meaning. They constantly monitor the house (which of the owners needs to be supported, look for bad places in the house, etc.). They perfectly sense the seismic activity of the earth, magnetic fields, perfectly see ghosts. Cats do well with creatures in the astral world, thereby protecting their owners from the effects of negative energy. She can even save her master from death. So, you can’t touch cats for no reason, otherwise you will be injured.

Cats are constantly trying to warn people about the danger, whether you are their masters or ordinary passers-by. If suddenly a cat crossed the road “from the floor” for you, then this means that you can safely move on. With this act, she removed all the negative energy that lay in wait for you. For example, a black cat is from witchcraft, gray is from the loss of a thing, white is from death, a motley from loss of money. But, if the cat crossed your path “in the floor” (in the bosom), then you better get around this road. With this gesture, she only warned you of an impending danger, since she herself could not remove it.

In the apartment you need to have only one cat, because if there are several of them, then you will not get any astral protection from them. They will be occupied only by themselves. Cats are able to communicate with people on a telepathic level, and can find a master everywhere, even if he is very far away.

Dogs as pets as per Feng Shui

If we talk about dogs, then their communication with people occurs on a mental level. That is, they can convey thoughts to a person, thereby forcing him to do what they want. This communication takes place without the demand of consent from a person. Also, they are able to convey their character to us. Dogs need to be extremely careful, because at the time of their anger, they can “curse” you. She needs to know her place, then she will protect your home and will not affect your energy. When the dog constantly pollutes the house, this means that she is not happy with the owners and does not want to be in this house. If she is satisfied with the owners, then their desires will begin to be fulfilled.

Their difference from cats is that they are afraid of evil. If the dog begins to rush about the room and hide, then this is a clear sign that an “uninvited” guest has come to you. Also, this may be a sign of the instillation of negative entities into it.

If we talk about combining cats and dogs, then they can perfectly get along with each other in every sense. For this to happen, their territories must be different.

If you do not have enough information and you are alone, then you need to get yourself a bird or a parrot, as they are generators of the information field. But if you are always in communication and have children, then you are not recommended to keep parrots, since talking with them can lead to disobedience, talkativeness, or to high pride. Also, they cannot get along with cats and dogs, as they destroy their energy field. But then the birds get along very well with fish and various amphibians. But do not keep them together, this can cause complications with the psyche.

Fish as pets as per Feng Shui

To create a good harmonious atmosphere, you need to get fish. Aquarium with fish is the most powerful remedy in Feng Shui. But it must be correctly positioned in space, as it contributes to both the attraction of money and their repulsion.
Rodents are not very welcome guests in the house, because they contribute to the oppression of both physical and moral spirit. 

Turtle as Pets as per Feng Shui

Another conversation is a turtle. They are able to fill your home with the energy of wisdom and contribute to your forward movement. Also, turtles get along well with fish and complement each other well, which helps to fill your home with positive energy and harmony.

In Conclusion

The choice of your four-legged friend must be taken very seriously. The main thing is that it brings you aesthetic pleasure and does not need additional space. Also, you should take the time to communicate with him. If you do everything right, then it will not only protect you, but also bring harmony and prosperity to your life.