Feng Shui – Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

1. Use a mirror tile. It breaks into fragments your reflection and, therefore, your life.

2. Combine a study and a bedroom. Different types of energy will collide and reduce your success in both areas.

3. Sitting with your back to the door (dooming yourself to a “dagger strike”) and the window – you will lack support in your work.

4. Have “aggressive” angles – the corners of walls, cabinets, ceilings that seem to “aim” at the place where you sit, sleep or work.

5. Hang a mirror opposite the front door or directly against the bed. In the first case, the energy immediately goes back to the door, in the second it destroys the marriage or (which is also bad) causes the opponent to appear on the horizon.

6. Black over large surfaces: black absorbs energy.

7. Work in an office located opposite elevators, escalators or ordinary stairs. The office at the end of the corridor also brings misfortune. And rope curtains and potted plants soften qi in a long corridor.