Feng Shui – How to find Bagua of Your Home

Following the teachings of Feng Shui, it is important to know that everything that happens in our life is divided into nine life aspects that come together in a certain order and are reflected in the Bagua grid.

Bagua grid is an octagon of regular shape, where each side corresponds to a trigram. An ancient legend says that about two thousand years ago, a huge turtle appeared on the shore. The message of the Gods was drawn on the back of the turtle: the arrangement of the trigrams, which were deciphered by the greatest sage Fu Xi.

Each of the nine zones of the Bagua grid is responsible for a specific area of ​​human life (health, fame, love, wealth, etc.). All zones are equal in magnitude. Forming Feng Shui apartments, the zones that you want to influence, you need to draw up purposefully. Focusing on the Bagua grid, you will be able to multiply the influence of Qi energy on the more important areas of your life at the moment.

In order to properly arrange the zone of the apartment in Feng Shui, first of all, you need to determine where they are. To determine the location of the zones, you need to arm yourself with a compass, a Bagua grid and a plan of your apartment (or house) on a scale.

First, with the help of a compass, you need to determine where the north is in the apartment – it will serve as a starting point.
Next, you need to divide the plan of your apartment into nine parts of the same size.

And finally, combine the north on the compass and the north on the plan – this is how you define the Career zone. Now you can easily determine the remaining eight zones, focusing on the compass directions and Bagua grid.

Correctly determining the location of zones in your home or apartment is very important, but this is only half the battle. It is equally important to be able to activate the found zones so that the impact on them brings tangible benefits.

It should be noted right away that there are “universal” activation methods for each zone. First of all, this is the placement in the right zone of crystals that accumulate Chi energy and spread it throughout the apartment. Naturally, there are many items that are selected individually for each of the nine zones.

1. Career Zone

An element of the Career Zone is water, its colors are blue and black.
The Career Zone, located in the north, is activated with enhanced lighting, wind music, and objects symbolizing the element that matches your astrological sign and number of Gua.
If you want to improve, place a small indoor fountain in the Career area. If you want to strengthen the successes that you have already achieved, a picture or photograph of calm water will help you. The statuette of a turtle (representative of the element of water) will help provide reliable support for your career success.
If your goal is to quickly move up the career ladder or search for a new business, you can additionally activate this zone by putting any office equipment (computer, phone, etc.) and a positive photo of your work team into it.

2. Zone of Wisdom and Knowledge

The element of the Zone of Wisdom and Knowledge is the earth, its color is beige.
The Zone of Wisdom and Knowledge is located in the northeast of the apartment. This is an ideal place for a library or office, as this area contributes to the learning process. Here, any activity requiring mental activity will be crowned with success.
Activate the zone of Wisdom and Knowledge with enhanced lighting, as well as subjects directly related to the purpose of your training (dictionaries and textbooks, if you plan to study foreign languages, etc.). Also place here subjects related to the educational process in principle (geographical map, globe), and books that contain great wisdom (Bible, Vedas, Quran, etc.).
Never leave sharp or cutting objects, entertaining literature, or anything that represents cruelty and misfortune in this sector.

3. Helper and Travel

Zone The element of the Helper and Travel zone is metal, its color is white.
The Aid and Travel Zone is located in the northwest sector. It is often called the Teacher’s zone, since its activation contributes to the emergence of a “teacher” or “assistant” in difficult or crucial moments in your life. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the coverage of this zone, place statuettes of guardian deities (Guin, Ganesha, etc.) and photos of your spiritual mentors in it.
If you are waiting for the help of a specific person (knowing the date of his birth), put in the Helper and Travel area an object symbolizing the element that corresponds to your astrological sign and the number of Gua.
In order to enhance the influence of this zone on your travels, put in it an object symbolizing the element that corresponds to your astrological sign and the number of Gua, photographs of places you dream to visit. Also place photographs of traveling people and various vehicles (motorcycles, trains, cars, ships, rockets, etc.) in this sector.

4. Family Zone

An element of the Family zone is a tree, its color is green.
Family Zone is located in the east. It symbolizes all the people close and dear to your heart and additionally affects health.
To strengthen family ties and weaken disagreements between people close to you, place a family photo in the Family zone, enhance lighting, and put objects that are associated with people close to you. The image of the forest landscape, plants growing in pots, as well as any wooden things, preferably made by hand (various weaving, carvings, etc.) will help activate this zone.
It is strictly forbidden to place metal objects, old coins, photographs of deceased people and pets, as well as herbariums, stuffed animals and dried flowers in the Family zone! Accidentally placing sharp (cutting or pricking) objects or prickly plants in this zone, you risk provoking unnecessary family quarrels, and curly or creeping plants put in the same place can create intrigues in the family.

5. Zone of Children and Creativity

An element of the Zone of Children and Creativity is metal, its color is white.
In the west is the zone of Children and Creativity. You can activate this zone in several ways, depending on your goals and needs.
If you have difficulty communicating, raising a child or have problems himself, you need to activate the Children and Creativity zone, maximizing lighting and placing objects related to the element corresponding to the astrological sign and Gua number of your child.
Place bronze figurines of deity defenders in this zone, the most “light” in weight, children’s crafts, photographs and drawings. Additionally, it is recommended to place pots with young plants or a vase with fresh flowers in this zone. The main thing is that in the children’s area there should not be dried or wilted flowers!

6. Wealth Zone The

element of the Wealth zone is a tree, its color is red, green.
The Wealth Zone is located in the southeast. It is it that is directly related to the material component of your life, the abundance of your financial well-being.
It is not difficult to activate the Wealth zone: it is necessary to strengthen the coverage of this sector in order to attract Chi energy. For additional activation, place any symbol of money, products from precious stones and metals and a silver vessel with water in the Wealth zone. Place in this sector any metal object, an aquarium with goldfish (if you are not a representative of the fire sign) or a red decoration in the form of fish (the fish symbolize success), a room fountain, a plant pot and a money tree. You can also place in the wealth zone any item symbolizing the element corresponding to your astrological sign and the number of Gua.

7. Zone of Glory

The element of the zone of Glory is fire, its color is red.
In the south is the zone of Glory, symbolizing the position that you occupy in society. If you set out to become a famous person, be sure to activate this zone. You can do this by enhancing its coverage, placing your own awards (and even diplomas) in the Glory zone, an item symbolizing the element corresponding to your astrological sign and Gua number, figurines of non-predatory and non-wood birds (ideal option is a dove figurine), as well as stones ( excluding marine).

8. Zone of Love and Marriage

An element of the Zone of Love and Marriage is the earth, its color is yellow.
The Zone of Love and Marriage is located in a southwestern direction. Be sure to activate it if you want to improve existing relationships or strive to make new ones. Enhanced lighting will draw Chi energy into the zone of Love and Marriage. Place a photograph in this zone that shows you next to your loved one, objects symbolizing elements that correspond to your astrological signs and Gua numbers, any object that evokes warm feelings and love associations, as well as two candles (one red, and white), representing a man and a woman.

Be sure to put paired Feng Shui symbols in this sector: a pair of mandarin ducks (a symbol of the constancy of love and happiness), butterflies (a symbol of joy and love), doves (the embodiment of romance) or geese (personification of fidelity in marriage). This is an ideal area for storing erotic “attributes”: items for love joys, magazines, books and photographs of erotic content, essential oils, aphrodisiacs, erotic incenses.

If you are single, post a photo of a couple in love, as well as soft toys, boxes, valentines and heart-shaped cards in this zone.
In the zone of Love and Marriage, sharp objects, photographs of lonely and sad people, curly and thorny plants, a husband and a monster cannot be used.

9. Health Zone

The element of the Health Zone is the earth, its color is yellow, orange.
In the very center of Bagua’s grid is the Health Zone. If you want to live a long life, be sure to restore order in it. Place in this sector wooden things, a pot of earth, houseplants, clay jugs and interior items of green color – they will contribute to strengthening your health. Also try to saturate this area with water landscapes, paintings depicting nature, sea pebbles and decorative boulders.

To activate the health zone, in addition to standard methods (enhanced lighting), use more symbolic objects: a branch of bamboo, pine, an odd number of peaches, a figurine of a crane or a deer. Closer to the east of this zone, it is recommended to put a bonsai tree. If there is a table in this sector of your apartment, decorate it with porcelain peaches (five or nine pieces), a porcelain figurine, or a bowl of fruit.

The center of your apartment is also known as the “spiritual center” or “center of luck”. This place should be as well lit as possible, which will prompt the inhabitants of the house to communicate, interesting and exciting joint pastime. Ideally, it is in the center of the apartment that there should be a large crystal chandelier containing many crystals. The abundance of crystals contributes to the spread of Chi energy throughout the area of ​​your apartment.