Feng Shui – How to Identify Toxic Energy surrounding the House

Many fans of Feng Shui teachings understand how important the general energy of home space is and how to create it correctly. But few people know that external factors, such as poisonous Sha, which cause problems, difficulties, and anxiety, can negatively affect the favorable atmosphere in the room.
How to determine that your home is threatened by Sha? It is enough to carefully examine the area in which your accommodation is located. Such objects and buildings should at least alert you:

State institutions, the specifics of which are related to violence, humiliation, politics (colonies, police departments, tax inspection buildings). The negative energy emanating from them absorbs all that is good and bright.

Places associated with the energy of death – cemeteries, morgues, funeral services, crematoriums.

Institutions that store the energy of suffering – hospitals, clinics, specialized medical institutions.

Destroyed buildings, abandoned houses, unfinished buildings.
The area associated with the energy of decline, decomposition – trash, landfills, waste treatment plants.

Tall buildings, suppressing lower buildings, inhibiting their energy development.

Underground currents passing directly beneath your home. Especially bad for positive Feng Shui is the effect of water enclosed in pipes.

Highways, bridges, overpasses, places with rapid traffic. And the smooth movement of cars, on the contrary, favorably affects the overall energy of the building.

The road directed to the house, both straight and curved, carries an active stream of adverse Shaci energy, which destroys the atmosphere of calm and comfort.

Any lonely objects – a tree, a communication tower, a construction crane.

Any large object located directly in front of the front door becomes an obstacle to the flow of beneficial Chi energy.
Objects related to electricity – stations, high-voltage lines.
Objects of military subjects – tanks, guns, airplanes, carrying the energy of destruction. Even at first glance, a harmless poster or billboard with a malicious image can adversely affect the aura of your home.

Buildings of irregular shape – with sharp corners or roofs piercing the space.

Buildings that carry the destructive energy of Sha sound – railways, airports, tram lines.

If at least one of the above objects is present in your environment, you should at least beware. Analyze your home environment, general atmosphere, recent events. It is possible that the influence of the poisonous Sha has already touched your home …

What is the way out in this situation? The best option is to change the place of residence to a more favorable one. And if for some reason you don’t have such an opportunity, try to pay maximum attention to the correction of the internal space of the house. Avoid negative zones, control the movement of Flying Stars, and study your personal favorable directions. Such precautions will help to improve the quality of your home’s feng shui.