Feng Shui – Tools to Correct Chi (qi) in Home to Attract Good Luck

Symbolic means:

Symbolic animals. In different world cultures, there is worship of some animal, which in turn provides protection and peace. Typically, statues of this animal were erected in front of a village or dwelling. Strangers were even afraid of frightening figures who, as it were, warned of the impending punishment for misconduct. In St. Petersburg, magnificent palaces and mansions were decorated with stone lions, and they were also depicted above the windows. Terrible lions protected their residents from uninvited guests.

The use of symbolic means is always justified and relevant in various difficult situations. One of the symbolic means may include posters and artifacts. For example, a poster depicting the water element serves as a kind of replacement for real water and brings a large flow of qi into the room. For a working person, a poster with a picture of a mountain will be a great support.

Qi activators:


To decorate the premises, mobile phones are successfully used. They can be paper, glass, ceramic or metal. Flowers or fish are symbols of wealth and joy. If we hang wind music in the corner of the room, then we will activate the energy in this place. Activators are used in the event that energy stagnates in a particular corner of the room. An activator can include a TV, a radio, a tape recorder, and many other things. It should be remembered that in some cases activators can play the role of elemental means. A metal mobile is undoubtedly considered a strong Metal due to its color, material, specific shape and movement.


A certain color scheme has a different effect on the whole atmosphere of the room. It is possible to achieve W-Xing reinforcement by adding Yin and Yang to the atmosphere of the living space.


In the presence of bright lighting, significant qi activation occurs. It is important to achieve in the rooms matching lighting to one side or another of the world. In nature, there is no light from the north. So, in the apartment it is necessary to improve lighting from the east and southeast, if we use these rooms in the morning, from the south, if during the day, and from the west if in the evening. If your room has only one window and it faces north, you need to intensify the artificial lighting on the south side. The presence of multiple windows from two opposite walls is undesirable. Because of this, there is a confusion of light energy. Living in such a room, a person will not feel the support of other people and will feel a little lonely.

Screens and dividing walls:

In some cases, in order to achieve the correct direction of the qi flow, for example, if a window is located opposite the door, a screen or separation wall is placed in the room. But in the dividing wall there should not be any windows that cut the surface.

Bead curtains, drapery fabrics:

Sometimes you have to separate the kitchen area from the whole apartment. Doors can be made for this, but they are almost never closed. Instead of a door, you can hang a curtain of beads, which will help to disperse the flow of qi.

Round, rounded and wavy objects:

Objects in the shape of a circle, number eight, waveforms, disks. Thanks to evolutionary development, people felt protection and peace, surrounding themselves with rounded objects. Warriors used round and arched shields to repel the attack. Under the dome you can hide from the wind and rain. The human body also has its rounded shapes. The shape of the human body is a harmonious reflection of our consciousness. Two correct eights 88 are often used as a corrective measure to ensure harmony, if the building itself is surrounded by unsuccessful architecture and poor energy.

Security Symbols:

Protective symbols include: horseshoe, sword, Solomon seal, Bagua mirror. Each nation recognizes its protective symbols. Security symbols are attached above or near the door. It should be remembered that the Bagua mirror can not be hung inside the house or on the site, so as not to harm other people.

Items guiding qi:

To guide qi, use rugs with a zigzag pattern or a parquet or floorboard. For example, a floorboard has its own peculiar natural pattern.

You should apply those objects that direct our movement in one direction or another. These items include various signs, stripes on the floor, horizontal and vertical stripes, and more.

Correction of qi or chi in the apartment

Inside the house, qi moves in the same way as outside. To change the movement of qi, you can use various means. These tools are very different. It is generally accepted that correction can be dealt with at many levels. For example, a tool such as wind music is both a reflective and a scattering element. An understanding of why this or that thing is currently being used in the interior is very important here. Crystal pendants, wind music and mirrors are most often referred to as reflective and diffusing agents.

Chi energy must be dissipated and reflected in places where it seems to us that its movement is too fast or where there is such a need to direct it into the living space. For example, in a long corridor you need to hang wind music or shiny balls in order to reduce the flow of qi. If you hang mirrors on both sides of the corridor, then the qi energy will be reflected and scattered throughout the space. And crystals on a thin fishing line suspended with the music of the wind will also help her. Light will be reflected and streamed throughout the space of the room. According to the well-known laws of optics, qi is reflected from crystal pendants in the same way that light is reflected from a crystal chandelier. Crystal chandelier successfully reflects light if it is between the door and the window. The wind music with sparkling rods is arranged on the same principle.

Qi is reflected and scattered in these rods and it looks very believable. Often in the shops hang wind music over the door in order to hear how customers enter. But this is not recommended. It is better to hang all kinds of bells over the door, and the music of the wind will only interfere with the movement of qi. Do not forget about this, while arranging your apartment. Everyone knows that wind music can be used individually in various cases.
Music of the wind can carry a reflective-scattering function, be an activator of qi and an elemental means to attract qi. In addition, you need to know in which cases this particular wind music is used. After all, the situations are different and it is necessary not to make a mistake in choosing the tools at hand. At the moment, there are several ways in choosing funds.

Each item is one of five elements. If necessary, certain elements are added to complete a certain sequence. In this situation, it is necessary to establish the proper balance. Wind music is considered to be the strongest elemental means. Let’s say metal wind music with 6 or 7 rods is a strong Metal. The number of rods, the color scheme and the sound made are all reminiscent of metal here. An element of a tree is bamboo wind music with 4 or 3 bamboo ducts. Bamboo is a natural material and makes a wooden sound. Ceramic music of the wind with 5 or 8 ducts, represents the element of the Earth.