Feng Shui: How to Part with Unnecessary Things in Your Home and Office

Feng Shui is a language of symbols. The rubble of old things in the cabinets, which are stored “just in case”, “when I lose weight” and “just feel sorry for throwing out” personify your unpreparedness for something new, you just do not believe that life will bring you something more beautiful and new. This must be dealt with before you begin to introduce innovations into your family home. First of all, look around, think whether you need this thing or not, it brings you joy when you look at it, or not. Maybe the term of this thing has expired, it is unfashionable, or just this thing reminds you of some unpleasant events in your life.

All forget about it, you do not need it anymore !!! You need to thank her with joy and throw it away, if you still feel sorry for just throwing it away – give it to someone to whom it can bring joy. You could even say: “The old is leaving, the new is coming” or “I deserve all the best, thank you.” So you will not feel the grief of loss, in general you need to part easily and believe that life will bring you even better, trust it. Remember our beneficial Chi energy. If your house is littered with old things, then it will not be able to circulate normally, which means that it will bring everything you need to your house. Throw away unnecessary items, sort out piles of papers that you have not needed for a long time, do not block Qi’s access to your home.

But this applies primarily to your things. If you live with someone who does not want to change and is sorry for throwing everything away – do not insist, do not turn your house into a battlefield. Leave this person, take care of yourself and your things. Holding on to old things is the psychology of poverty and old age. After all, you know how difficult it is for our grandparents to part with things. Well, let them keep their things in good health, do not touch them for life.

Now for unnecessary gifts. Someone will say that they must be stored. And I will tell you that no. If a thing does not bring you joy and benefit, but just rolls around as an “unnecessary gift”, you need to get rid of it, but in what way it is up to you to decide. Give it to someone, or just throw it away, it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that you should fill your house only with those things that bring you joy, well, or benefit. And to keep everything, as Plyushkin is not worth it, you will not benefit from this, and even happiness, when under your feet you will have a pile of unnecessary things. It turns out like in that joke about gifts: “Never open a gift to people, otherwise you will not be able to give it to anyone present!”. But in no case do not be upset about an unnecessary gift and do not get angry. Better accept it with sincere gratitude and do as you wish with it. Thanks for everything, then your life will be filled only with joy and useful gifts.

But to talk with things dear to your heart is very useful, especially with the mascots of Feng Shui. You can smile at your child’s photo, stroke your favorite talisman, gently erase the dust from it. Then your house will shine and will give you even more.

And another very important point. Everything that needs to be repaired, especially for household appliances, must be repaired or discarded. The same applies to the various parts that have been assembled for centuries by our husbands, almost also “just in case”. You need to disassemble them too, maybe you don’t need them anymore, because the old bicycle or car has long been scrapped. But here it is necessary to more carefully resolve issues, because spare parts are the “holy of holies” of our husbands. Just be aware that if you can get rid of unnecessary things, then it’s just wonderful,

In general, general cleaning is recommended twice a year, well, or at least once a year. Disassemble on the cabinets and in the cabinets themselves, once again review your wardrobe and say goodbye to unnecessary things. It happens that you will sort a couple of shelves in the closet, and it becomes somehow joyfully and merrily at heart, I want more and more.

Let a clean, fresh stream of energy come into your life and fill it with something new and beautiful.