Feng Shui : How using White Peacock can bring you good luck

Friends! White peacock brings good luck and luck! Keep it on your wall today on Monday, and the whole week will be lucky and lucky!

Feng Shui peacocks are one of the most powerful talismans. They bring happiness and joy, contribute to good luck in work and career growth.

The peacock is also a symbol of pride, immortality and beauty, thanks to its proud gait and beautiful characteristic coloring of the tail, and a large number of “eyes” on its tail are associated with wisdom. It is with its unique tail that the peacock protects and attracts all kinds of honors to the head of the house.

✨ In Feng Shui, you can use as a talisman not only figures and images of a peacock, but also its feathers, which are a symbol of potential opportunities.

Activation and intensification of the action of the talisman.

Placement of a peacock.

To strengthen the action of a peacock, fire is necessary. You can light a candle next to the mascot or place a peacock on a mantelpiece 1-2 times a week (if the peacock is made of wax or plasticine, it can be activated by placing it in the room where the fireplace is burning).

You can also activate the mascot Pavlin by offering him a “treat”. You can treat the peacock with nuts, seeds or cereals, pouring them into a saucer and placing it in front of the figure.
The bird figurine needs to be stroked often, to talk with him, to admire its beauty.

This beautiful bird loves affection and praise very much, and in gratitude to you he will do everything to make you happy and prosperous, reach the top of your career.