Feng Shui – Importance of Clothing Color

Clothing Color The color for clothing is extremely important, since each color has a strong effect on humans.


Black is the color of power. However, black should not prevail, especially if you seek to bring love to life, as it attracts longing and loneliness.


Gray indicates money, as well as silver.
Red symbolizes active vitality and optimism. It is ideal for attracting new love.


Yellow color contributes to the concentration of thoughts, allows you to quickly resolve disputes.
Clothing in sand and yellow colors is the best choice for everyday wear.


Green is a life-giving and calming color. If you want to quickly recover from diseases, then give preference to clothes in green colors. Even shades of green, as well as lilac tones, are considered “monetary”.


Blue color is ideal for business meetings. At the same time, blue helps to calm and relieve emotional fatigue.

White or Pink

White or pink colors are suitable for romantic meetings. And for an optimistic mood, orange is needed. He is not only able to give good luck, but also helps to win over positive and joyful people.