Feng Shui Turtle for Career and Money

tortoise is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and continual progress. And it symbolizes hard work, always worthy of a reward. Turtle is a talisman that attracts luck, provides support in monetary matters and a constant increase in income, contributing to an increase in living standards. Its owner is always safe, because his rear is reliably protected. It is especially important to have such a talisman for the owner of the house.

What is important to know

The talisman received as a gift from a person who sincerely wishes you good and prosperity will be the best and most effective. But you can buy it yourself or even make it from improvised materials. The mascot can be anything: ceramic, metal, glass, wood, painted on paper, or even lively.

The most effective and strong for helping to increase capital is a metal turtle coated with gold or silver.
Since the turtle prefers loneliness, it is quite enough to have one figure, one animal or its image as a talisman.

The turtle should be in the northern part of the house or on the north side of the infield.

Where to Keep the Feng Shui Turtle in Your Home

Next to a live turtle or its figure should be a saucer with water and grow a living plant.

How to use the Feng Shui Turtle for flow of Money

To carry out a ritual to attract money and increase wealth is necessary at night during the growing moon.

Light a green candle, pick up a turtle. Look at the candle fire, relax. Imagine that a mountain is located very close to you, and money is at its top – this is the amount that you want to receive. In your imagination, grow a turtle to such a size that you can freely fit on its back, sit on it and climb the mountain.

Imagine how a turtle slowly but surely and purposefully carries you to your dream. You are already at the top, you take as much money as you need. At this point, you need to concentrate on your feelings, on the joy that you feel about the acquisition. You need to remember these feelings. And now you can return.

The turtle needs to be returned to its usual place. This ritual can be repeated an unlimited number of times. As soon as you understand that stagnation has begun in business, turn to your talisman for help. You will definitely feel the result of his support!