Feng Shui: Methods for Energy Cleansing of House

it is usually recommended to start CLEANING from the east clockwise, along the path of the sun. Doors to adjacent rooms, a bathtub, a toilet, a corridor should be opened in advance.

1. Cleansing with rose water. For general refreshment in the apartment, Rose Water is well suited. We buy real rose oil (rose essence) and dissolve it in ten times the volume of alcohol. If the oil is good, small lumps may form, but they dissolve easily at body temperature. The vial should be stored in a dark place. One to three drops of this mixture is added to a bucket of clean water. A cloth dampened in it can wipe the entire apartment. Use a separate bucket and separate rags for furniture, walls and floors. Rose Water has a strong transforming energy, it can be used regularly.

2. The method of purification of Tibetan black-cap monks: in a large bowl or bucket, put the peel of nine oranges, one lemon or linden peel, fill the bucket with water, and then, after a couple of days, pour water on the floor and around from the spray bottle. As a result of this procedure, bad energy and perfume will leave the apartment. You can use such a “cocktail” to clean the energy of the room: the juice of seven lemons per liter of water.

3. Purification with essential oils: Use a lamp to spray essential oils from sage, juniper or incense to expel negative energies. After that, to improve air, spray oil from lavender, jasmine, rose or orange. Aromatic lamps with citrus oils also help in the difficult task of energy cleaning. During spraying, close the windows and open them after a few hours.

4. Purification by fire: Light smoke sticks in the center of an apartment or room, and put incense in the openings of doors and windows. I draw your attention to the fact that Tibetan, Himalayan and Nepalese incense are best suited for these purposes. Light a candle in each room. It is better to use the church. Cleans the incense room: put the pieces in the corners.

5. Loud sounds clean the rooms of old energies well, therefore, in China on the lunar New Year it is customary to beat drums, cymbals and arrange deafening fireworks. Loud, funny music has the same effect. Ten minutes is enough to open the way for new renewed energies.

6. Do an energy cleaning: walk around the rooms with a bell – “ring” the whole room and especially the corners ..