Feng Shui Phoenix

Red Phoenix

A symbol of fame and success, the realization of dreams and rebirth. It represents victory after defeat and unexpected help. It attracts luck, due to which it will help you achieve your goals. Raspberry color will make you more purposeful on the way to the realization of desires. The phoenix warns of possible troubles, which helps to avoid them: the bird seems to fly up, considers the troubles around and informs the owner about their imminent approach. Phoenix also develops creative abilities, brings wisdom, insight and forethought.

By the way, Raspberry Phoenix and Green Dragon complement each other and symbolize marital happiness: Phoenix represents the feminine, the Dragon – masculine. Their interaction will help you maintain happiness and mutual respect in your marriage. Phoenix will give lonely women love and fast marriage.

The strength of the

Phoenix mascot does not have to be crimson; colors like red, pink, burgundy and yellow are suitable. Material: ceramics, glass, and also as a talisman you can use a soft toy. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in principle, it can be another bird with bright plumage (peacock, rooster, flamingo).

The house The

Phoenix should be located in front of the front door of the house, preferably on an elevation that you can do yourself.


The figurine of the Phoenix or a picture with his image should be in the south of the apartment. An important condition: let the bird’s eye be sure to be directed inside the room, and not on the street.


It is desirable that there is a fireplace next to the talisman, because this bird belongs to the element of Fire. But if you don’t have a fireplace, put a candle near the figurine and be sure to light it when you think about your desires. Favorable location next to electrical appliances.