Feng Shui – Powerful Animal Symbols for Good Luck with Money

Powerful symbols of good luck in money matters are some animals.

Bull –

the personification of stability, reliability and calm power. His figurine or image in the southeast contributes to success in business, hard work, perseverance in achieving goals and a steady flow of money into the house. It is desirable that the material from which the figure is made corresponds to the elements of the southeast – Wood and Water, that is, it must be crystal or wooden – such a goby will become a reliable protector of your well-being. The North, the sector of the Life Path and Careers, is also a very good place for this animal. But in the north, the bull must be crystal or metal.

Rat –

an animal, often disgusting, is considered sacred in the East and represents well-being and prosperity. The cute rat figurine in the southeast will bring you extraordinary monetary fortune.


A CABAN also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. If you place it in the southeast, the Cosmic Forces will patronize you, and you will receive as much money as you wish. I recommend to buy netsuke of an oriental wild boar – Baku.


THREE-WALKING FROG WITH COIN IN MOUTH – an extremely effective talisman that attracts “monetary” luck. I already talked about him, so this time I will only mention her. The same applies to FISH, which are quite suitable for the zone of Wealth and Prosperity.