Powerful Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love in your Life

In Feng Shui, the zone of Love and marriage is the South-West direction. The element of the Southwest is Earth. Color – terracotta and all shades of earth.

You need to know this in order not to accidentally expose the zone of love to negative influence. Color in the interior design has a huge impact on the energy of the zone. For example, too dark tones or completely inappropriate colors in the design of your home can adversely affect your relationship with the opposite sex. Therefore, everything possible should be done to quench adverse colors.

It is necessary to activate the South-West direction in the room where you spend the most time, it can be your personal office at work or even a South-West piece of the desktop and your bedroom.

Use the Lo-Pan compass or an ordinary travel compass to determine the South-West direction.

Never store broken, torn or ugly objects in the apartment, as well as things that you simply don’t have a soul for. This applies not only to the Southwest sector, but also to all other sectors. Do not spare money for a worthy decoration of your interior, because the wisdom of China is a full-fledged acquisition. Therefore, investing fully, you get the very full result.

The activation of love requires, first of all, order and purity in this direction. If you do not want a mess in your relationship, it should not be here.

If you need fast activation of this or that zone, use a fan. Choose a fan of the size that your conditions allow. Large fans act instantly – they are strong resuscitators and instantly suppress the influence of negative energy, saturating the room with a new viable qi. Since the land is an element of the Southwest, this sector should be designed in the appropriate color scheme. Terracotta, sand, brown, beige, orange and pink colors are suitable here. However, you should beware in this direction of the colors of water: blue, blue and black, because according to the theory of elements, this is a very unfortunate combination. Mixing with the earth, water forms dirt. You should not have anything green here, as this color symbolizes the tree, and the tree only depletes the earth, taking nutrients from it. Red is also very good for a love zone. Red is the color of the neighboring southern sector, of which fire is an element. According to element theory, fire forms ashes. And ashes – this is the earth, an element of the South-West. Therefore, the red color in this area is generative and supportive.

When In search of love

attracting new love, it is recommended to hang a picture, a panel, any image with peonies on the wall or place in this sector a pair of vases made of crystal, ceramics, porcelain, clay, brass or silver with peony flowers. Moreover, artificial peonies are also suitable. It is an imperial flower of love, happiness and burning passion. However, remember that a married couple is not recommended to place peonies in the bedroom, as this will lead to the appearance of prodigal thoughts.

In addition to peonies, if Chinese symbolism is not alien to you, a pair of red Chinese lanterns is an excellent stimulator of this zone. Red Chinese lanterns are a very effective mascot of the love zone, it is customary to hang them in pairs, since paired items themselves are powerful activators of the love and marriage zone, and the red color of the lanterns only enhances their effect.

An analogue of flashlights can be a beautiful candlestick or a pair of red candles. In this case, candles need to be lit periodically, since the abundance of light in this sector stimulates the influx of new powerful energy instead of stagnant. However, do not put white candles here – this is not the right place.

Any paired items are also great for stimulating a love zone.

It can be a pair of crystal hearts or just pink lenses. Crystal in itself belongs to the earth, which makes it even more suitable for this zone, and small rainbows formed from the ingress of sunlight pass qi energy through it, transforming it into positive and evenly distributing it throughout the room.

Any photographs, postcards or paintings depicting a beautiful couple in love.

A pair of oriental dolls: a geisha and a courageous samurai, will symbolize harmony and devotion in your relationship. A pair of shells, chocolates in red wrappers, beautiful pebbles found on the sea, or even a pair of elephants symbolizing good luck, are also perfect.

An excellent addition to this zone will be an aromatic lamp made of ceramics (earth element), combining the power of the candle burning in it and the magical properties of aromatic oils, refreshing the senses and igniting passion.

A figurine or an image of a pair of mandarin ducks or swans will lead your relationship to the wedding outcome, so if marriage is in your thoughts, be sure to place a couple of birds in the South-Western sector of your home.

A married couple in feng shui recommends stimulating their relationship with a tangerine tree – a tree of love. In wise China, a tangerine tree is a symbol of unquenchable passion. Sweet, but slightly sour, ripe fiery fruits of mandarin will give your relationship youth and passion! But besides passion, loyalty is also necessary. Fidelity in love is personified by a pair of cooing pigeons, which is an eternal symbol of affection, understanding, peace and harmony in the family.

What can not be done in the zone of love

Firstly, in no case should you place water symbols in this sector and use the colors of water. Water in the South-West contributes to the breakdown of relations, the emergence of misunderstanding and thoughts about another partner. Secondly, do not post yourself in this sector of photographs alone or with former fans whose relationship is already over. You should also not hang pictures of lonely or sad people here. Never leave rubble and scattered things here. All this prevents the penetration of favorable qi energy. Try to keep this room clean and maintain a balance of yin-yang energies in it.