Purification of the house by Feng Shui – Cleaning your house from negativity

The Chinese and Balinese are convinced that the ritual of cleaning the home helps to heal if someone from the home is sick, helps solve problems, improves family relationships and generally gives happiness and good fortune.

Feng Shui specialist Karen Kingston claims that: “when someone complains that he’s“ stuck halfway ”or is constantly tired, I know that he will find blockages of unnecessary things at home.” That is why she offers to do this ritual to all Europeans. For the place of grumbling and complaining about fate, we must help her. And, for starters, clear the place so that luck settles in your house.

“If your house is full of cabinets of all kinds of unnecessary things, stacks of old newspapers, then gradually the energy space is polluted and closes the access of favorable energy. Old, unnecessary clothes, folded under the bed in boxes, can disturb your sleep, and old and old kitchen utensils, hidden away from the eyes, drowns out and suppresses vital functions, ”says Karen.
The rite of cleaning the house: the rules

I think you no longer doubt the benefits of cleaning the house in Feng Shui, and want to immediately do such cleaning in your own home. But remember that this rite must be done according to certain rules.

The whole ritual of cleansing the house takes from two to three hours, so you need to free yourself from other things. The ceremony must be carried out in solitude and in complete silence. Even quiet music can interfere. Make it so that you are left alone at home, and you can send the whole family to a picnic or to the country house: the main thing is that during the cleaning you should not be disturbed or distracted.

It is very important to be healthy and in a good mood during this rite.
Preparation for the rite of purification: how to clean the house of negativity

Before you start the rite, you need to prepare for it. To do this, write down on a piece of paper what you want from life, what you lack. Then, write a list of all your problems, and on the third sheet write your desires. Try to describe all your thoughts as concretely as possible. This will give you more chances to fulfill desires and get rid of problems.

After you put your thoughts in order, do a general cleaning of the entire apartment. After that, take a bath or shower. Remove all rings, chains, earrings, watches and glasses from yourself, as metal changes the energy of man. Now you can proceed directly to the rite of purification at home.
The rite of cleaning the house from negativity: how to clean the house properly

1 step to clean the house

First you need to find a “power point” in your home. It can be found as follows: mentally finish your apartment to a square or rectangle (it depends on your layout). And where the diagonals of an imaginary square or rectangle intersect, there is a “point of power.” Place a table with a beautiful and elegant tablecloth in this place, and collect on it everything that you will need. And you will need the following things: holy water, golden or just white candles, pink flower petals (it can be peonies, chrysanthemums or roses), aromatic oils or sticks (it is better if they are aromas of juniper, roses, needles or sandalwood), a handful of rice, two or three small coins, slices of fruit and two bells of large and small sizes. When we have all prepared, go to the next step.

2 step of cleaning the house

We establish contact with the apartment. Stand with your back to the front door and imagine that the aura coming from you fills the whole house. Feel how warmth and kindness fills the whole apartment. This will help you feel the energy of the house and move on to the third step.

3 step of cleaning the house

Stand in front of the front door, turn your hand to the wall and begin to slowly “stroke” the energy field of the front door, as if stroking a kitten. Mentally speak with the house. You have to do the same in all rooms, in the toilet and in the bathroom, you should finish the “stroking” in the same place where you started at the front door.

4 step home cleaning

Now it’s time to bring refreshments to the house. Light candles on a table, incense sticks, sprinkle holy water around you. Now you need to “appease” the owner of the house – the brownie, and the spirits of the four elements. Offerings are prepared like this: put a candle in the center of the saucer, put petals or flower heads around, a handful of rice, small coins or fruits. Place a lighted incense stick next to the saucer. Such gifts must be put in every room.

5 step of cleaning the house

Applause at home. You still have to go around the whole house more than once, but each round has its own nuances. At this stage, we pay special attention to corners. Walking around the house, stop at each corner and make a couple of loud pops. You can make them, both from top to bottom, and from bottom to top, so you accelerate stagnant negative energy. In hard-to-reach places, claps need to be done a little differently. Put your palms together so that they resemble the mouth of a crocodile, and pat in this position. These simple actions can cause an uncontrolled and spontaneous flow of negative emotions, because you brought all unsolved problems, resentment and anger into the light of God. But do not worry: we did this ritual in order to disperse the psychological negativity. After the action done, wash your hands thoroughly to wash away everything bad.

The 6th step of cleaning the house

Now we need to clean the apartment with sound. For this we need a large bell. If the space of your apartment is wide, then the sound of the bell should be lower and vice versa. Walk with a bell near the walls and ring continuously. But look, do not touch the walls with a bell. When ringing a room, imagine that ringing brings clean, bright energy into the house. You should finish your calling where you started – at the entrance. Going to the front door, draw a bell in the air infinity (horizontal figure eight). Take note: if during the round with the bell something distracted you, then the sixth step will have to be done again. And at the end of this procedure, take a small bell and walk around the apartment again.
The final step in cleaning a home is protection

Congratulations, the main part of the cleaning of the house is done, now you need to put protection. Stand in any corner of the room back to the wall. When inhaling, raise any hand with an open palm over your head to the opposite wall. After that, exhale and lower your hand as if drawing an arc. At this time, you should present a shiny and sparkling shield that protects the wall behind you. Such shields must be placed on each wall, floor and ceiling. That’s all, we are close to the final action.

You need to remember everything that you ordered from the Universe. Remembered? Now fold your palms around your chest as if you were holding a small ball. Here in this ball mentally “put” all your desires, saying: “Let it be as I want and even better for all the inhabitants of the house.” And for the last time go around the apartment, imagining that the room you are in is filled with radiant light.

After this rite of cleansing the apartment, take a shower – and enjoy a new, changed for the better life.