Feng Shui : Red Envelope – the Path to Prosperity

Red is given special significance in many cultures. Throughout the world, it is traditionally considered the color of youth, beauty, passion, courage and love. In feng shui, he also plays a special role. According to this ancient Chinese culture, red carries the most powerful energy, the beginning of yang – strength and activity. This color is also associated with power and wealth, a confirmation of this is the Chinese tradition of red envelopes … The

coveted envelope

From time immemorial, it has been customary in China to store, transfer, give money in envelopes of red paper, decorated with gold inscriptions and drawings. It is believed that this is not only beautiful, but also promises wealth to the holder of the envelope, protects it from poverty and loss. For example, in China, as in our country, it is customary to give newlyweds money for a wedding, and in this particular envelope: a gift becomes a wish for a couple of prosperity, secured and happy life together. Interestingly, financial luck smiles to those who give or give money – it is believed that they return handsomely! The red envelope, in addition to its practical function, is also a strong Feng Shui talisman.

Seven troubles – a red envelope!

To test the effect of red envelopes on yourself, it is not necessary to live in China – today they, like many other feng shui mascots, are used in different countries.
There are several types of such envelopes; various symbols are inscribed on them and they are intended for different purposes.

If you want your wallet to be always full, store money for everyday expenses in an envelope with the symbol “Prosperity”. If you need to save a certain amount – put the money in an envelope with the hieroglyph “Wealth”, writing on it how much money you need (don’t be shy, because you won’t be able to get more than you wrote). Keep someone else’s or gift money in an envelope with the words “Great Luck” or “Fu Lu Xi” – giving them you will get even more! And finally, if you need to pay off someone for the work done or repay the debt, put the money prepared for this in an envelope with the hieroglyph “Justice”, rest assured: they will return to you!

More important than money

Red envelopes will help you handle money more successfully, protect you from financial losses. But remember that in Feng Shui there are concepts of Fate (Min) and Good Luck (Yun) – these are two sides of a person’s life, depending only on the time and place of his birth. According to Feng Shui masters, we can make our lives better, but we can’t fundamentally change what was destined for us. Not everyone is given the opportunity to be millionaires, it is better to just come to terms with this fact.

In addition, there is something more important than money! Red envelopes help to find longevity and fulfill your dreams, for example, to meet a soul mate. For the realization of intangible goals, special luck envelopes are designed, on which various hieroglyphs are applied. You just need to put paper in such an envelope with the desire written on it – it will come true!