Sacred Animal that Protect your house and Garden

Harmony is what people should strive for in a turbulent world. When buying a country house, we must look for a place where there will be comfort and tranquility. But in fact, finding such places is becoming increasingly difficult. But reality offers us noisy neighbors, unpleasant surroundings of industrial enterprises, proximity to transport and roads.

However, even in adverse environmental conditions, you can create a good energy that protects a person from the adverse effects of environmental factors. To do this, use the recommendations of such an ancient science, which is called “Feng Shui.”

In accordance with the provisions of Feng Shui, every house and every corner of the garden is protected by the spirits of animal protectors, which protect them from unwanted adverse environmental influences. In Chinese mythology, there are five sacred animals, each of which has its own symbolism and its own place in the garden. These are animals such as: Tiger, Turtle, Phoenix, Snake, Tiger and Dragon.

Ideally, the house should face south. Then to the right of the house will be the western side – the space of the White Tiger. To the left of the house is the east side – the area of ​​the Green Dragon. The Black Turtle is responsible for the north, and the Red Phoenix to the south. The center of the site is “guarded” by the Snake.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, so that sacred animals reliably protect the house and garden, it is necessary to strengthen their influence by adjusting the landscape and plant energy.


According to Feng Shui, Phoenix represents new opportunities and rebirth. Due to the fact that Phoenix is ​​in front of the house, a sharp decrease in soil cannot be allowed here, otherwise wealth will flow from the house. However, the landscape in this part of the garden should not be absolutely even. An ideal landscape option would be a gentle lowering of the soil. Here should be shrubs or stunted trees. To mark the front of the garden, set a small stone.

Natural or artificial water flow will have a beneficial effect on soil quality. This stream can serve, for example, a stream.


The feng shui turtle is a symbol of stability, support and longevity. The water element from the side of the Turtle (behind the house) will weaken the protection of the site. In order to protect the house from the influence of negative energies, it is necessary to raise the soil level, for example, by planting evergreen small plants.


Dragon in accordance with the provisions of Feng Shui is a powerful protective symbol, it provides good luck, happiness and prosperity. On its side (east) is the energy center. This part of the garden seems to be an ideal place for planting trees (for example, pines and willows) and tall shrubs, representing strength and protection (it is believed that they contribute to prolonging life). It will also be appropriate to place several stones here. The main thing is that on the side of the Dragon there should be a most elevated place.


According to feng shui to the west, the landscape should go down. Otherwise, the uncontrollable energy of the Tiger can get out of control. The strength of the Tiger symbolizes reliable protection, which has a rather restraining rather than controlling and controlling effect, since it is subordinate to the strength of the Dragon.
The territory of the Tiger should be low lying and flat. One should beware of the hills from this side, as they can bring about failure.


In the center of the garden (on the territory of the Snake) there should be as little vegetation as possible. The best option for this place is an oval or round lawn covered with lawn grass. It is also good to lay winding paths in order to ensure the flow of beneficial energy. Never make paths in the garden straight! If the paths are straight, then harmful energy violating the harmony of the garden will sweep along them like a hurricane.

Speaking about the arrangement of the garden and home with the help of Feng Shui, one can not help but say about the fence – one of the important defenders of the garden. According to Feng Shui, borders are needed in any area, since they support and protect, help to gain a sense of security. At the same time, the fence should not completely isolate you from everything around you. It can be a wooden fence, a hedge, a small stone fence. In all cases, the borders of the territory should be constantly maintained in good condition. This will give you not only a sense of security, but also a good relationship with your neighbors.

Feng Shui methods will help you eliminate or correct adverse circumstances and turn your home and garden into a place of grace and peace.