Feng Shui – The Tree of Happiness, Health, Wealth and Prosperity

The Tree of Happiness is a great mascot of Feng Shui to attract happiness, love, health or good luck. A purchased tree of happiness most often looks like a tree on which gemstones bloom. According to Feng Shui, stones, like everything on the planet, have Qi energy. This energy can affect a person. Each stone carries a certain charge of energy, for example, prosperity or good luck. The magical properties of semiprecious stones will help the owner of a tree of happiness fulfill his dream, find love or improve his health.

The crown of a tree of happiness consists of one or several semiprecious stones or minerals that have certain properties, for example:

Keeps a joyful and happy mood. Gives courage and clarity of mind. Promotes mutual love.

Promotes Calmness, Confidence and Benevolence. Develops subtlety of feelings, reveals deception.

Amethyst is a stone of peace and balance.
Brings good luck, peace, settles feuds, protects from evil rock, protects from intoxication.

Happy talisman, helps in love affairs, establishes peace in the family, reconciles hostility.

Balances emotions. Reproduces, activates, saves energy.

Green quartz
Soothes nerves, relieves irritability, relieves passions.

Quartz pink
Relieves stress, gives a calm sleep, improves mood. Promotes a happy marriage.

Lazuli Brings well-being, good luck and success. Increases physical strength and creativity.

Increases spiritual strength, brings good luck in business. Creates harmony between the sexes.

Protects from the evil eye, strengthens vitality. Provides longevity and family well-being.

Carnelian is a stone-healer, a stone-amulet.
Protects from evil spells, strengthens health, promotes well-being.

Stone of love, attracts the hearts of men and women to each other. Protects from rash acts.

Protects sensitive and vulnerable people. Promotes successful networking, contacts.

Improves mood, strengthens intuition. Counteracts evil forces (anti-demonic amulet).

Protects from evil rock, brings happiness, restores peace of mind.

The energy of stones will increase significantly if the tree of happiness is placed in a conspicuous place, in the living room or bedroom, in the “right” sector of the room. The southeast sector is a zone of wealth, and the southwest sector is a zone of love and marriage.