Feng Shui tips for Everyday Life

In order to increase the positive energy of your home, it is not necessary to be a certified Feng Shui master.
It is enough to carry out the following simple recommendations:

1. If you have material difficulties, replace all the light bulbs in the apartment with new ones at the same time. Immediately you will feel a powerful influx of positive Yang energy.

2. Look at your faucets to see if water is dripping from them, if so, call the plumber or fix the leak on your own. Water that constantly drips flushes your well-being down the drain. The toilet lid should always be kept closed.

3. Clean your windows as they become dirty, as windows are the eyes of your home.

4. Often do revisions in the refrigerator, old and dried foods attract negative energy.

5. If the hinges of your doors creak, grease them with engine oil, as the creak not only gets on the nerves of the residents, but also repels the beneficial energy of “qi”.

6. To attract “qi” energy, hang bells or “wind music” in the apartment.

7. Categorically avoid planting climbing or creeping plants such as ivy or creeper in the apartment, cacti are also undesirable.

8. Do not put the old stuff on the mezzanine – there will be a mess in the head. See if there is a mirror opposite your front door. From the point of view of Feng Shui, this arrangement is unacceptable, so you need to remove the mirror so that the “qi” does not reflect from it and does not leave the house.

9. The location of the refrigerator in the corridor is unacceptable, since the food store for the whole family should not be in the entrance, but in a secluded place in the kitchen.

10. You can’t have sleeping places with your feet to the door, this also corresponds to the old Russian sign.

11. If you are working at a table, you need to be sitting facing the door, it is very important to see everyone coming in.

12. If you want to find a life partner, you need to get rid of solitary objects. You should have paired paintings, paired candlesticks and red candles.

13. The passage to the double bed cannot be closed, pushing it to the wall you “close” the road to a potential partner.

14. Bed linen should always be fresh, in pink, red or terracotta.

15. In the bedroom, to attract a potential partner, a modest bouquet of pink or red roses will be appropriate, but you should not abuse the flowers in the bedroom, their excess will bring quarrels into your life and, if you are already married, will cause the spouse to be unfaithful.