Feng Shui : Tips to Fill You Home with Happiness

Have you ever noticed that you go into a house and it is so cozy there.
I want to be there more often. Even if the situation in the house is the simplest.
Are there apartments very decorated, but without energy? It seems to be cold and uncomfortable in them.

Each space has its own soul. There is energy that it carries.
The house can both give us strength and take away.

According to Vedic knowledge, a woman eats power in her apartment.
Making an apartment your little paradise for life is the task of the Woman!

Paradise is a place where it is easy to breathe, where it is comfortable to the body, where every corner invigorates and relaxes you. Or vice versa – inspires action.

They say that a woman is the Soul of an apartment.

What a woman is filled with can be judged by how everyone else in her apartment breathes.

What is your home? What can he say about you? Is it cozy in it? Do you want to come back again and again? To rush in the evenings after work in a cozy family nest? How does your husband feel? What do the children feel? Relatives? Neighbors?

What Soul is your space? Does your house fill you? Gives strength? Inspires? Or sucks the last forces? ..

Is there simple knowledge that will help you avoid losing your strength and help fill the house with happy energy:

* EVERY thing in the house should you like!
If there is something that really pleases you, let it in your home. This is your strength. You need to understand – a thing either feeds you or takes away your strength. Pick what really pleases you and say goodbye to what you don’t like. Take a look around your apartment. What exactly creates coziness in your apartment, and what causes irritation and negative emotions.

* If you have some kind of “lame” sphere in your life, for example, problems at work, trouble with your husband, children, or lack of finance.
Find a corner in the apartment that you have not touched for several years. It can be a mezzanine, or a shelf in the bathroom, a balcony, or just the territory behind the cupboard, a ventilation hole. This is where you have the energy hole.
A place that is not aired, does not wash – becomes a source of misfortune. If you have such stagnant corners in your apartment, then most likely stagnation can also be expected somewhere in your life. Take it and clean it well.

* You need to communicate with the house consciously.
Understand that space is living. And that means respecting the house, doing things consciously, dedicating them to God. To wash and clean everything – this is how we cleanse our consciousness, remove bad karma. Cook and iron in order to convey certain qualities. Wear protective clothing. Food is love. That’s where the main female power is! Her power and skills. It is here, in the most invisible matters.

* Life is motion.
For space to be Living, everything in it must constantly be in use. That is, the house should only be what you use.
All that you have not used for more than a year, immediately becomes what sucks your strength and creativity.
If there are shelves with books, then at least once every six months remove them, wipe and at least swap them. With this you will revive the energy.
Or change the lighting.

There are many options))))) Here, just a woman can develop creativity and ingenuity))
By the way, I want to add about books – everything that is described in them contains vibrations. if there are a lot of newspapers in the house with information about what the utilities are cheating, people in Avriya fall, epidemics and rainstorms, think, do you need vibrations with such news? ..

* We use the elements when cleaning the apartment.
Water is a feminine and very soft element. Wet cleaning is always auspicious.
Fire is useful when we need to clear the karmic elements in an apartment. If there were quarrels in the house, it is good to light candles more often, to illuminate dark corners.
Air is a constant airing.
Sound is listening to mantras, or even simpler – children’s laughter and kind words of support and love between spouses.
Earth is flower pots.

Creating coziness, a woman fills life with meaning, cleanses karma and vice versa – with one of her cleaning, one with her attitude to the house, she can significantly improve not only her destiny, but also the fate of family and clan members.