Feng Shui Turtle

In Feng Shui, there are 4 celestial animal defenders: Black Turtle, Raspberry Phoenix, Green Dragon, White Tiger. They protect a person and his house from negativity. All animals need to be placed at once, then they will evenly spread their strength. We offer you two options – how to arrange figurines around a private house and in an apartment.

Black Turtle


The Black Turtle symbolizes wisdom and steady progress, is responsible for money and career growth, brings material prosperity and stability. Her help is especially strong for the breadwinner of the family – the Turtle in every way protects him. She is more supportive to those who love to work and stubbornly go to their goal. In your character will appear such qualities as self-confidence, measuredness and wisdom.

The power of the mascot.

The most effective is the metal tortoise figure, coated with silver or gold. A picture with the image of this animal, a soft toy, a ceramic figurine, and even a living turtle are also suitable. There may be such an option: cut a figure out of cardboard, decorate and attach your photo to the shell.


The most optimal mascot location is behind the house. And if there is also a gentle hill (shaped like a shell) – this is a great place for a statuette. If there is no hill, you can make it yourself: pour a small hill of earth or sand (up to a meter high). Placing Turtles out of the blue will prevent good luck.

Apartment It is

most favorable to put the figurine on a shelf in the northern part of the house (it is desirable that this is an office or workplace). Then the Turtle will be in the know about your affairs and will help to achieve success in career growth. And thanks to the hard shell, it will become a reliable protector from troubles.


Since turtles love water and greens, it is necessary to place a flowerpot with a plant next to the figurine and often water it – this will help the talisman to more actively spread a positive effect.