Feng Shui : Salt Lamp to Uplift Energy of Your Home

Salt lamp is one of the most effective means of Feng Shui. With the help of a salt lamp, you can improve the energy of your home, fill the house with positive energy and improve your health.

How Salt Lamp Cleanses your Home

The positive effect of a salt lamp is based on the ability of a salt crystal to emit negative ions when heated, which, when associated with positive technogenic ions (from household appliances, computers, tobacco smoke), neutralize them, which has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the room and on people’s health . A salt lamp purifies the air and neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by electrical appliances. In addition, the Salt Lamp will help create an atmosphere of meditation, allowing a person to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle.

Benefits of Using a Salt Lamp

Using a salt lamp improves a person’s mental state, helps get rid of headaches and insomnia, and also alleviates the symptoms of diseases such as bronchitis, allergies, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, frequent SARS and colds.

Factors to consider when buying the salt lamp

The salt lamp consists of a lampshade, which is a solid, unprocessed salt crystal, a stand and an ordinary light bulb placed inside the crystal. It is made from salt mined in the salt mines of the Himalayas, but today on sale you can find shades of salt crystals mined in the Ukrainian salt mines. The only difference is color: if Pakistani crystals have a pinkish tint that gives salt an admixture of iron oxide, then Ukrainian crystals are white. This is not reflected in the healing properties of salt, but the aesthetic side suffers a little – after all, it is the combination of such three components as the healing properties of salt vapor, the play of color and the tonic effect of light that the salt lamp effect is based on. 

Another aspect to consider when buying is the size of the crystal, since the strength of the therapeutic effect depends on this. It is necessary to calculate the size of the crystal, based on the fact that a lamp up to 3 kg is able to ionize a space of 10 sq.m. The salt lamp stand can be made of wood or marble, but the marble stand is more convenient.

Where to Place the Salt Lamp

A significant plus is that in Feng Shui there are no rules regarding the location of the salt lamp, and in everyday life such a lamp does not require careful care. It is only necessary to remove dust from it with a dry towel or vacuum cleaner during cleaning. The only restriction is the ban on the proximity of the salt lamp with an aquarium or fountain. He does not like the lamp and damp rooms – salt absorbs moisture, due to which the color saturation is lost and the lamp starts to “cry”. To dry the lamp, just turn it on for the whole day.

According to Feng Shui, the space around us is riddled with a web of energies invisible to the human eye. Therefore, if you need to eliminate the stagnant energy of dark corners or activate one of the Bagua zones (Family sector in the east, career sector in the north, etc.), then you can safely install a salt lamp in such places. A salt lamp will improve the microclimate of the home, neutralize the effects of negative energy fields and serve as a kind of magnet to attract good luck and health.

Added Benefits of Salt Lamp

In addition to medicinal properties, a salt lamp can be an excellent addition to the interior. And by turning on the salt lamp, you can virtually travel to the underground salt caves and breathe in the healing air saturated with salt.

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