Feng Shui – Using Mirrors to Decorate Home and increase Positive Energy

Today, a place of honor in the home interior rightfully belongs to His Majesty – the mirror. After all, it has a unique opportunity to make your room business, romantic, harmonious or, conversely, limited, boring, uncomfortable. It all depends on the exact, right choice. Now we consider the mirror as an integral decorative and functional detail of the interior. And can you imagine that in the Middle Ages it was generally banned for use! Everything was explained by the fact that all religious denominations claimed that the devil was hiding in a mirror.

Although if you plunge into the distant past, then even then people felt the extreme need for a mirror. Water did little to help a person, as it was not always at hand. In the XII century, Europeans learned how to make glass vessels, which were poured from the inside with molten tin. The fragments of such a vessel served as a mirror for people. Four centuries were required before the creation of flat mirrors.

A mirror is an insidious thing, it is a powerful energy accumulator, so you need to carefully approach the choice and location of the mirror. The problem of many halls is a small area, which you really want to expand. The best thing here is a large mirror. Designers advise placing it on the front door and the same on the opposite wall. Although supporters of Feng Shui strongly recommend that they do not reflect in the mirror of the front door, as positive energy will not enter the house. And it’s best to choose a middle ground: place it on the side wall – and the room will increase and there will be no problems with energy.

As for the bathroom, the designers recommend tiling the walls and floor mixed with mirrored plates. Feng Shui claims that mirror tiles reflect a person “cut” into pieces, which is extremely bad for physical condition and well-being. Therefore, it is enough to place a mirror above the washbasin, directing backlight on it.

Most carefully and carefully, you need to choose a mirror for the bedroom, where the atmosphere of romance and love should constantly reign. In this regard, designers suggest surrounding the matrimonial bed with illuminated mirrors. Feng Shui supporters make only one, but quite significant restriction: sleeping should not be reflected in the mirror. Leaving for work, you need to leave money in front of the mirror – finances will multiply.

It is not strange, but a mirror is also useful for medicinal purposes. There is a so-called “mirror massage” (sunbeams) that helps people get rid of chronic pneumonia, asthma, and radiculitis.

It is important and what the mirror itself is wearing. Get better wooden or copper frames. Minimalism is in fashion today, so remember the lightness and lack of piling up. Do not forget that you should not joke with broken mirrors, as they can really become “energy blades” and harm your well-being.
Well, approach the mirror only in a good mood, admire and admire yourself, and after a while everyone will be delighted with your charm and harmony.

The most common way to supplement a room with a missing bagua sector is to hang a mirror. The mirror has the most useful ability to direct beneficial energy in the right direction and repel energy, which is the source of problems (in other words, to attract good and avert evil). If you hang a mirror on a wall opposite the missing sector, you will direct energy into this void.
Of course, you and I perfectly understand that it is impossible to expand the room in this way and the additional space will not appear from this, but qi has its own laws, and such an optical illusion completely suits her.

You can also hang a mirror within an absent or truncated zone, thereby creating the illusion of space and enhancing the influx of qi that is lacking there.
The mirror is a powerful magic tool, Feng Shui resorts to it quite often. However, it is important to use it correctly – only in this case it will fulfill its task and will not bring harm. Therefore, remember a few rules for using mirrors.

The mirror cannot be positioned so that it reflects the front door. Also, you can not hang it and opposite the window. In both cases, the beneficial energy will be “reflected” from the mirror surface and leave the room through a door or window.
Mirrors should be kept in perfect order. Dirty, broken, damaged, tarnished and scratched mirrors can cause you trouble. You probably know a popular sign: to break a mirror means to cast trouble. This sign has appeared not from scratch and, unlike many others, it almost always works. After all, a mirror is a magic tool with great power. Therefore, if you still broke or damaged the mirror, immediately (!) Replace it with a new one and perform a special ritual to prevent misfortune. I will give three such rituals here, choose any of them.
On the first night after the mirror is broken, light seven white candles at the place where it was hanging. Let them burn for 15-20 minutes, and extinguish them exactly at midnight with one breath.
Touch a fragment of a tombstone mirror, and trouble will pass you by.
Put the mirror in the fire and wait for its fragments to darken. These fragments must be stored for a year, and then buried.
The shape of the mirror also matters: oval and round mirrors are preferable to square and rectangular, since they do not have sharp angles emitting “poisonous arrows”.
Avoid smoky and mosaic mirrors, consisting of numerous sections, as well as mirrors with a decorative notch. Such mirrors do not fulfill their magic function.
The mirror should hang at such a height that each member of the family, looking into it, can see the crown of his head.
We attract energy with light

In the case when it is impossible to hang the mirror, you can use another means of filling the missing zone: hang a lamp, such as a sconce, within the missing or truncated zone. Light will attract additional energy here, so the missing sector of the room will appear symbolically and will perform its functions, not conditionally, but truly.