Using Money Star or Wealth Star to Enhance Money Energy in your Life

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, dreaming about wealth, or just want to receive a nice cash bonus from the Universe, do not wait for manna from the sky!
The famous activation of Feng Shui – warming a money star will help you to bring monetary prosperity into your life

! What is a money star? A money star is an inexhaustible source of favorable Feng Shui energy that is responsible for wealth, prosperity, unexpected and expected income of money, and growth of a person’s income. The star’s uniqueness lies in the fact that several times a month it flies briefly to some sector of our house.

Those who want to become richer just need to catch and warm this star … How to catch a money star? To catch a money star is to correctly determine its location, to find the right sector for activation. To do this, first of all, you need to take measurements with a compass and apply a template of 24 mountains to the plan of the apartment.

Do not be alarmed, it is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to take measurements once, and then you can easily calculate the place of activation. Look for dates, times and the sector of arrival of a money star in our monthly Feng Shui forecasts. Please note: activation is only necessary at the external walls of your apartment!
These are the walls behind which your neighbors or the street are. How to warm a money star?

The ritual of warming a money star attracts with its simplicity! At the indicated time in the indicated place (you will find it in the Feng Shui forecasts), put and light a candle. The size, shape and color of the candles do not matter.

Aloud or mentally ask for a candle for assistance and good luck. After completing the ritual, extinguish the candle, and thank the star for help. How it works? It all depends on what you want. If you dream of a steady increase in income, perform the ritual constantly. Thus, the energy of a money star will accumulate and attract more and more offers, successful transactions and money.
Of course, if at the same time you sit still and do nothing, it is hardly worth talking about millions. True, sudden cash receipts will still be in the form of the same gifts or unexpected bonuses. If you need an amount for something specific, when lighting a candle, be sure to guess what you would like to spend money on. Easy visualization on the subject of the desired object during the ritual will only benefit! In this case, it is necessary to warm the star until the result is achieved.  

Among the Feng Shui masters, there is an unspoken belief that the money star owes nothing to anyone, but at the same time, it is very generous. Respect her and she will light your way! The energy of a star can reach you even before you begin the ritual. There are several cases when those people who needed money began to actively prepare for warming a money star. We fixed the place and time in the notebook, searched and bought a candle, thought about this magical money energy and … suddenly received the right amount before activation.

Exactly the amount that they really needed. Money came in the form of unexpected bonuses, successful part-time jobs and other sources. If you experience something like this, set aside the warming of the money star for another auspicious day.

So you show that you can be content with little and are ready for more, express your gratitude to this magical energy and will certainly be rewarded more than once in return!