Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Increase your Fortune

This is a very favorable mascot for the house, personifying “endless peace and harmony in the house.” According to legend, a fisherman Shen Wansan on the banks of the Yangtze River caught a flat vase in the net. 

The fisherman decided to feed the dog from a vase. He put food in it, the dog eats, and the food does not decrease. Once, his old woman dropped a golden hairpin into a vessel and the vase at that moment became full of golden hairpins. 

Then they threw a coin into the vase and it was filled to the brim with money. So the old people and their relatives became rich people.

So, have you decided to make a Vase of Wealth and attract the energy of financial success to your family? Creating a Vase is a secret technology that has been practiced by the noble and richest families in China for centuries. The tradition was kept in strict confidence and handed down from generation to generation to male descendants.

Today, such technologies for creating Vases of Wealth have become more accessible thanks to the Taoist and Buddhist Masters, since the practice originates in these two most famous traditions of China. 

If you paid a visit to some ancient Chinese family, say in Beijing or Shanghai, perhaps (since they are usually stored deep in the house), you could see stunning huge Vases belonging to noble families, vases that have been stored there for centuries. 

These Vases are designed to attract uninterrupted wealth to their owners, despite the political system and economic crises.

To make a Wealth Vase, you need to find a suitable vase. The “neck” of the vase should be narrower than the “body” and such a vase must necessarily have a lid. It is better if the subject will be engraved with the symbols and signs of Feng Shui wealth: a dragon and a phoenix, a bat, a double knot of happiness, etc.

Then, you need to take care and get all the necessary ingredients that you put inside. Remember, when creating a Wealth Vase, you must have positive motivation that you create it for the progress and growth of your family, to give children a good education, to be able to travel and develop business year after year.

Main ingredients:

  • God of Wealth: laughing Buddha – Hotei or maybe Guan-Gu – choose the one you like best.
  • Five crystalline globes meaning five kinds of wealth from five directions
  • Semi-precious pebbles and crystals, representing the wealth of the earth –
  • Gold bars (or their imitation) – modern symbols of wealth
  • Ancient gold bars
  • Artificial diamonds and zircons Wish
  • crystals that will fulfill your expectations Vasya
  • Three gold coins tied with a red thread.
  • Coins represent the unity of Heaven and Earth. Their combination activates Qi energy, gives an impulse to attract wealth in Feng Shui.
  • Nine imperial coins. The number nine is very favorable for future prosperity.
  • The immutable “locking” coin of Nanbu – to protect your monetary energy. Initially, it was not intended as money. Brings unexpected luck, winning the lottery, on the stock exchange.
  • Coins I-Ching to overcome all difficulties
  • Six spherical crystals.
  • Crystals contribute to a calm, harmonious flow of life, protect from obstacles to wealth and prosperity. When a crystal hangs on a window, the rays of the sun falling on it through glass are refracted and a rainbow forms. The mystery of crystals lies not only in the fact that we can admire the rainbow, but in the fact that with their help the rays of solar Qi become much longer, which means more energy in the house!
  • Five types of dry food in packages.
  • Ru Yi – a symbol of power and authority

Secret ingredients:

  • – A handful of land, preferably presented to you by a rich and successful acquaintance from your site;
  • – Five types of dry food (for example: sugar, salt, rice, coffee, tea, etc.);
  • – Money from a rich person’s wallet (just try to exchange a bill)
  • Photos of rich people that you value and respect. You can clippings from magazines and newspapers.
  • – Photos of a beautiful house, car, and even clothes. The main thing is that these should be real objects, and not their projects.
  • – The currency of various rich countries.

Now let’s get started.

First, put the main ingredients inside – the earth in a red Chinese bag (the earth is put on the bottom of the vase, well, if you add the earth from the house of a rich person), 5 types of dry food (sugar, salt, rice, coffee, tea, any that you find) in packages. 

Then place the ingredients. Remember the facial direction of the God of Wealth. The vase should “look” in this direction into the house, and not from it. 

When you put all the ingredients in a vase, cover it with five colored rags of matter (symbolizing the five elements), the topmost fabric should be white. Then tie the vase tightly around the “neck” with five colored shoelaces. 

Keep the vase discreetly deep in the house looking “inward.” The bedroom is a good place for the Wealth Vase.