Feng Shui White Tiger

White Tiger

The white tiger is a symbol of courage and struggle, a strong defense of your home from robberies and intrusions by outsiders. It closely interacts with the Green Dragon – it preserves family happiness, trusting relationships and harmony in the house, reliably protects from various troubles, diseases and other troubles that potentially threaten you from the outside world. The tiger is a powerful talisman, you need to be extremely careful with it and try not to arouse his fury in any case. Therefore, it is necessary that the Green Dragon suppresses it somewhat – the Tiger should be located one level below the Dragon.

Mascot Strength

It is desirable that the figurine was metal, but this is not necessary, since materials such as glass, wood, stone are quite suitable. Note that you will not be mistaken if you use a soft toy as a talisman. The main thing is that the figure or picture with his image was small or the Tiger looked asleep. You can safely replace a tiger with a cat. Color – white, beige, yellow, silver.


Place the Tiger to the right of the house on the hill, but in no case higher than the location of the Green Dragon (otherwise you risk attracting heavy and oppressive energy). If the hill is high and you can’t fix it at all, put a lantern next to the White Tiger figurine – it will reduce its pressure. In a situation where there is no hill to the right of the house, you can pour it yourself or plant a small bush, and put a Tiger on it.


Install a figurine or a picture in the western part of the house, one level below the Green Dragon, otherwise the White Tiger will direct its energy not to protect residents and guests of the house, but to suppress them.


The talisman does not need special activation. But if you want, you can place metal objects next to it – lamps, dishes, candelabra, furniture. This will help the Tiger to have a very beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the house.