Feng Shui Wish Fulfillment Card

Feng Shui wish card has helped many people to fulfill their wishes. Everyone who worked with her is happy with the results. And you can also try. The main thing is to follow certain rules, which we will now consider.

Rules for creating a wish card
Making a Feng Shui wish card is not difficult. You need a Whatman paper, it needs to be divided into 9 zones according to the Bagua grid.

In the center of the octagon, there is a health zone, and you should start with it. Put your photo there. Try to pick up a beautiful positive photo where you look like a happy person who emits positive vibrations.

In the zone of fame, which is located above the health zone, you should post pictures that symbolize your success. With their help, you can attract fame and achieve fame in the world.

Below, under your photo, is the career sector. Think about who you want to become in the field of work? Place the appropriate image there, and move on to the next bagua zone.

The upper left corner is a zone of wealth. Stick pictures with the image of money there, for example, money rain, a hand holding a wad of money, various jewelry, symbols. Everything related to material abundance.

Bottom left is the sector of wisdom, responsible for success in learning. You can find and paste the image of a diploma or a person who has completed his studies and radiates happiness from the fact that he now has the education he needs.

Between wealth and wisdom is the family sector, there you need photographs of happy married couples with or without children if you do not want to have a child.

In the upper right corner there is a love zone, you need to activate it thanks to the images of hands, bound together, happy and loving couples. It is important that the pictures personify happiness, warmth, love. If you already have a favorite, you can post his photo.

Under the sector of love is a zone of creativity and children. Stick pictures related to your expression there. For example, if you want to write stories, then put the image of a book or writer there.

And the last zone, located in the lower right corner, is responsible for travel and helpers. Pictures with cities and countries are suitable there if you like to travel. Or with the image of a person or a saint who supports you.

Important notes in the guide to creating a wish card
We figured out the Bagua grid. Now let’s talk about photos to create a wish card. They should be picked up slowly, paying attention to your feelings. Pictures should be positive, bright, evoking emotions of joy and possession of the desired.

Where can I get them? Yes, anywhere, on the Internet, in magazines, or in newspapers. You can draw it yourself, it’s even more effective.

And the last tip – Make a dream card on the rising moon. This is a prerequisite for feng shui technology.

Rules for using the Feng Shui wish card

You have made a dream card, now you need to work with it. And do it daily. To look at it and make you feel that your desires have already become a reality. You have what you want to attract. I recommend working more with sensations. For example, you want to find a girlfriend or a young man. Work with owning this relationship. With a feeling of intimacy, joy, happiness, openness, passion … experience these emotions. You are already paired with the person you need. It’s so cool!!!

Popular questions for those wishing to make a wish

card 1. The difference between a wish card and a visualization board

The Feng Shui wish map is made in accordance with the sectors that we examined earlier. And the visualization board is the free distribution of pictures on whatman paper. You listen to your heart and post photos as you like.

2. Can desires change and what to do if it happened?

Naturally, this happens. Do not worry. Just replace the picture with a new one. But nevertheless, it’s better to think carefully about your goals before deciding on a wish card and decide what wishes to make.

3.Where to place the wish card in Feng Shui

The best place is the bedroom. Place it so that you can see it immediately after waking up and before going to bed. But if there are malevolent glances, then take her away. After all, some people can ruin everything. Do you need this? Not. Then remove it from prying eyes, from guests and envious people.

4. Is it possible to make a wish card on the computer

Yes, It is possible. Use collage programs such as Photoshop or online services for this. But the manual method is more efficient. You put extra energy through touch. Therefore, it is better to find the photos you need on the Internet, print them, and then stick on whatman paper.