Yin and Yang in Feng Shui

Feng Shui theory is based on the concept of yin and yang. Yin and yang are two types of qi energy, opposite and complementary to each other. According to the concept of Taoism, which is the basis of the doctrine, any qi energy initially has the characteristics of yin and yang.

The principle of yin and yang is the principle of the unity of opposites on whose balance being is held. In its original form, the hieroglyphs that were used to write them denoted completely ordinary, opposite phenomena: yin – the unlit side of the subject, yang – the side upon which light falls. 

Later, these two symbols became the generalizing forces of opposites. The symbol yin and yang is a circle divided by a curved line into two halves of the same shape and size, one of which is light and the other is dark. This image means the interaction of two types of qi energy. 

The circle is a symbol of the universe, the dark half symbolizes yin (earth), the light – yang (sky). Each of the two halves is separated from the other by a smooth line, which means a smooth transition from one opposite to the other; each field of the circle has a small circle of contrasting color. 

This symbolizes the continuity of yin and yang, the presence of elements of one from the other and vice versa.

Yin is the collective image of all the forces of the universe, originating in the earth. This is a dark, cold and wet feminine, calm and self-absorbing.

Yang is the personification of the general image of all the forces of the universe that have heaven as the source of their existence. This is a bright, warm and dry masculine, mobile and active.

Yin and yang represent completely opposite phenomena: yang is white, yin is black, yang is good, yin is evil, yang is life, yin is death. But despite such an opposite, these energies give rise to each other and cannot exist without their opposite: without yin there is no yang, but even without yang there is no yin. 

When a plant dies (yin), it turns into a part of the soil and gives life (yang) to other plants. After a sunny day (yang), a moonlit night (yin) comes. Such a constant interaction of two opposing energies is the beginning of everything that exists. But the essence of their interaction is in harmony.

When one of these forces prevails, the opposite force simply disappears, but the prevailing one also disappears. Therefore, when these energies are in harmony, everything goes fine. When one of the energies significantly prevails, everything just collapses.

Now on how to practically apply the above information. Harmony of energies is the main rule of feng shui.

If in your home or office there is a sharp dominance of some energies over others – good Feng Shui, which means you will not see good luck, until you correct these errors and achieve harmony. 

With good feng shui, only a slight predominance of one of the energies over the other (most often yang over yin) is permissible.

Strive for the predominance of yang in workrooms: they must be well-lit, clean, well-conditioned, preferably some water elements (aquariums, fountains)
It is also necessary to create movement and sound characteristic of the yang in the office (wall clock, tape recorder), favorably also the presence of indoor plants.

Pay attention to the design of the office – everything should be bright enough, but the energy of the yang should not suppress yin, otherwise there will be severe irritability, your nerves can be badly damaged. 

If your office is decorated in white, gray colors – change the design (white is a symbol of death) or add elements such as paintings, panels.

If you work at home, arrange your workplace accordingly (in Japanese) (office, work table, etc.). But in the bedroom, yin energy should prevail a little.

The predominance of yang in the bedroom may affect your sleep somewhat, perhaps you will be too excited.

If you work in the same place where you are resting, make a separation between the work area and the rest area, arrange them accordingly (the rest area is yin, work is yang). But in general, the house should also be dominated by yang (yin – only in the bedroom).

All processes occurring in the Universe, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, are the result of the confrontation of these two types of qi energy. In the process of interaction of yin and yang, Tao is formed – a certain universal principle through which all human connections with the universe are realized. 

The yin and yang that have not united in Tao are nothing. In other words, the two types of energy cannot exist separately, as a woman and a man cannot realize their potential for childbearing alone.

According to the theory of geomancy, the most successful and favorable place will be precisely the place of formation of Tao energy, that is, the place where yin and yang, intersecting, interact. In this case, the advantage of one of the types of energy is unfavorable. 

If a person carries too much of this or that type of energy in himself, an imbalance and discomfort is created, which sooner or later leads to failure. The same thing happens if one of the types of energy dominates in the environment (interior). 

By balancing yin and yang, each person is able to achieve harmony with the world, with himself and achieve prosperity in life. 

The predominance of yin is considered the road to death. The prevalence of yangs leads to chronic setbacks and a constant struggle for one’s place under the sun.

According to Feng Shui masters, everything in the world should be in harmony. If this harmony is broken, then good Feng Shui is also broken. The result is the appearance in a person of problems and various troubles. 

The symbol of such harmony is the balance of yin and yang. These two completely opposite concepts not only coexist in our world, but also help one another to exist, since without one there is no other.

Yin is night, darkness, peace, lifelessness and death, softness. This is cold, wasteland, stagnant water, swamp, lake, this is quiet music. Yin is associated with soft and feminine

Yang is light, sun, day, brightness, activity, loud music, strength, determination, sublime relief, fast water, waterfalls and rivers. It is warm, hard. Yang is associated with the male dominant principle in us, this is activity, sounding, fire, strength, determination.

As in nature, yin and yang constantly interact, constantly changing and complementing each other, just like we should equip our life, not forgetting the need to maintain harmony .

This is not to say that one is good and the other is bad.

Bright light gives way to night darkness. But if it weren’t night, it would be impossible to sleep normally, we would be tired of the endless light. We love bright colors, but would it be comfortable to be constantly in a room with orange painted walls?

If you make a room in the Yin style, then it will seem to us like a hospital room, as it will be cold and dreary.

Despite the fact that conditionally there should be Yin and Yang premises in the house, it is necessary that the proportions of both elements are observed in them.

Feng Shui includes, for example, a bedroom or an office room. They are best placed away from the entrance, the color of the walls should be calm tones, light striking the eyes is excluded. 

In this case, you must ensure that yin does not completely suppress yang. To do this, use various accessories, lamps and lamps, small color accents that are not eye-catching.

According to Feng Shui, the Yang premises are a living room and a dining room. They can be decorated more brightly. But here you should not get too carried away. Do not cover the walls with too bright wallpaper. 

Bright curtains, sofa cushions and a large ceremonial chandelier will perfectly create the Jansky atmosphere. And, of course, the color scheme of the room itself can be more vivid than, for example, the bedroom. Small desktop fountains, and even pets, will also help in creating the Yang atmosphere.

In offices and shopping centers, yang energy should prevail. To do this, you need to make bright lighting there, in the design you can use bright spots of accessories in red and gold. An abundance of flowers, calm music, large windows, where a lot of sunlight penetrates, are very useful. 

Stagnant air in an unventilated room, old curtains, dirty windows are a source of Yin energy, the abundance of which is disastrous for business premises.

It would seem, by all accounts, that the office should have exclusively Yang energy. But this is not at all true. 

If there is no yin energy in the room, for example, the windows face south and all day in the room there is heat and it is impossible to breathe, then an imbalance occurs, which can lead to a violation of harmony. In this case, the blinds on the windows will help you.