Feng Shui – Your Home or Apartment Chooses You

Do you think that you are choosing an apartment? Not at all! Apartment Choose You! The paradox of this statement seems to be immediately striking. But let’s look a little bit.

Let me ask: “What affects a person’s life?”

“Yes, a lot of things!” – you answer. And that will be right.

But which of them is the strongest?

Obviously, you will call upbringing and education, happy or unhappy meetings and, in general, luck or failure in life.

And there is! It remains only to ask: “And what determines these meetings, what determines a person’s luck?”

This is where the secret of our mystery begins!

The world is so arranged that the most basic, most important influences on human life do not lie on the surface. What we see is only an external manifestation of some underlying causes. How can one see the influence of fate on human life? (Note that we are not talking about fatality, but only about some predefined influences). How can a person see these influences? Only by occurring events, only by what lies on the surface.

And here a key question arises! And how are these fateful influences formed? What creates exactly the desired nature of their impact?

The answer is both simple and complex at the same time:

An instrument in the hands of a person’s fate is often his place of residence!

“How?” You ask, “my house, my apartment is my destiny?”

Exactly, exactly! The place where you live is the energy that has an absolutely accurate impact on you, which leads to the necessary development of your life. It seems to set you up for certain actions.

Here some of you may be outraged: “But what about free will? Freedom of aspiration? And indeed, a person is the creator of his destiny!”

“Excellent!” I will tell you, “you are absolutely right! Yes, a person is free, but only within the framework of what was released to him from Above! “(let us not yet specify with whom from Above – let this be a separate topic of conversation).

Who will argue that this framework exists? Is it really “every cook can rule the state”? Every rational person will agree that everyone has different abilities and different opportunities in terms of self-realization. Someone becomes Mozart, and someone is happy in his garden. Someone becomes a businessman, and someone a plumber.

This is quite understandable. But, you see, businessmen are different. One makes a thousand dollars a month, and the other a million! And among the plumbers, there are also prosperous and empty wallets.

So what’s the deal?

Here we got to the most important thing! No matter how the fate is predetermined, there is always freedom in it to use either the maximum of the released, or the minimum. Say, if you are destined to be a rich person, then you can have an income of ten thousand dollars, but, using all the opportunities allotted to you, you can have a million.

That’s where the dog is buried! For some reason, one, no matter how puffed up, remains at its low level, and the other, for whatever undertakes, everywhere succeeds.

Once again I want to repeat: “The place where you live is energy. Moreover, it is the one that is needed for life to flow in a certain fate.”

If you think about it, you can understand the opposite statement: “In order for life to flow in a specific fateful direction, a person moves into a very specific apartment.” That is, without knowing it, being on the threshold of a new stage in his life, a person changes his apartment. Moreover, he finds himself in that energy, which affects him in a new way and changes his life.

Do not you now understand what role the apartment plays in people’s lives?

A few years ago, when the importance of this issue became obvious to me, I was shocked! The apartment is an instrument in the hands of human destiny! There was something to fall into prostration. However, over time, everything fit into my head and fell into place. Yes, of course, in order to have a strong influence on a person, powerful means are needed. Moreover, these funds cannot be short-term. They must be permanent. But this is exactly how the place where we live works. Long and powerful!

The thoughtful reader probably already guessed that this, of course, is not just about the apartment. It is about any place where you spend a lot of time. First of all, this, of course, is the place where you live, whether it is an apartment or your own home. Secondly, this is the place where you work, your office, your office. And in the third – this is the place of your vacation, cottage or country house.

Everyone always gets what is supposed to him at this stage of life!

And now your other question is absolutely appropriate: Is it possible to change something? I will answer: yes, it is possible. But the level of these changes is always up to you!