Using Candles in Feng Shui

The ancient doctrine of Feng Shui suggests that natural lighting in our lives is very important! The thing is that light carries the necessary Chi energy in itself, and also destroys negative and stagnant energies. The best light source is without a doubt the natural, sunny light.

If it seems to you that there is not enough light in your house, candles will serve not only as an additional source, but also fill your house with cosiness, attracting well-being and peace with your energy. If you light candles in a nursery, you can safely tell children horror stories at night, without fear that they will not fall asleep


. In addition, candles perfectly cleanse the space from adverse clusters and negative energies. If in your house the candles are purely decorative, this is not very good. At least periodically, they should be used for their intended purpose for activating the element of Fire. The main thing is not to leave a lighted candle unattended, and even better use a candlestick, it is not only beautiful and convenient, but also fireproof.

Feng Shui advises lighting candles in the northeastern sector of your home, this will not only enhance favorable energies, but also effectively relieve you from stagnant ones. For the same purpose, it is useful to periodically with the help of live fire candles pass through the corners of your home. The only limitation from the point of view of Feng Shui is the southern sector of your housing, the fact is that this sector belongs to the elements of Fire, and the candle can strengthen its influence, which can lead to excessive irritability and aggression of the inhabitants of the house. This also applies to all kinds of fireplaces.

If one of the family members is sick, Feng Shui recommends lighting candles of green and white, their energy helps to improve health and longevity. Red and pink color of a candle will help to kindle passion and strengthen love. Violet and blue candles contribute to meditation and inner contemplation. The energy of the yellow candle attracts money and good fortune, while the orange one is able to charge with cheerfulness and optimism.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the house, you can constantly feel the warmth and calm power of the fire in your house. Since ancient times, fire has served as a symbol of protection and spirituality. 

But even a simple candle lighting creates a special romantic mood and a feeling of an influx of fresh energy. When choosing candles, pay attention to their colors and the material from which they are made. For ritual purposes, to cleanse the space and increase energy, use hand-made wax candles. 

Feng Shui recommends lighting candles in the north-eastern zone of the house to enhance the influence of the earth. But you can use the cleansing power of the flame wherever you need to disperse stagnant energy: in alcoves, niches, corners of rooms. 

Selecting the Candle Color

When choosing a candle color, think about the goal that you want to achieve. 

Pink candles attract a feeling of love help establish contact with children. If you are tired of the bustle and want to bring a sense of peace and balance to the house, use blue candles of any shades.

Red candles enhance sensuality, passion and physical activity. If you feel cool in your relationship with your loved one, light a red candle in the southwestern part of the bedroom. 

I really like the yellow candles that fill the house with the energy of optimism, good luck and creativity. They are good to light in the presence of guests with whom you like to philosophize. 

Green candles stimulate a sense of harmony, peace, healing. They are also lit if they want to achieve abundance. It will be appropriate to do this in the southeastern zone of wealth. 

If you want to have a party, make orange candles. They will bring a sense of joy, camaraderie and enthusiasm.

Violet candles will give you the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the world of mystery, intuition and self-knowledge. White candles include all colors. They can be used anytime, anywhere. They give the strongest feeling of purity and freshness.

Candles as a decoration of the festive table are selected in the same color scheme with a tablecloth, napkins and other accessories. When laying a cold table, it is better to choose high candlesticks and long candles, so that cold snacks do not heat up from lit candles. In general, it is customary to put long candles in low candlesticks, and short candles in high. A composition of several candles in one bowl looks very good. First, candles are fixed in it, then water is poured and flowers are lowered into it on short stems. 

Candles will burn longer if they are very cold. Therefore, before the festive evening they are placed in a refrigerator for a couple of hours. Metal appliances on the festive table and crystal should be thoroughly washed to ensure multiple refraction of the light of candles. When lighting a candle, look for a few minutes at the flame in silence. Connect with the Spirit of Fire. And with a feeling of gratitude, open your heart to visions of the future.