How Different Zodiac signs Handle Stressful Situations

Nobody likes stress and when people are stressed, we have reactions that are not our own and we are the first to be surprised. There are people who do not know how to work under pressure or who cannot bear physical and mental effort for a long time. Tiredness, nerves, intolerance, people and a lot of other states, make us explode and put us out of control. Let’s see how each Sign is when stressed.

Aries and stress

Aries has a very strong character, is very nervous and if it is overdue, it can be terrible, because nothing is saved. He is going to explode for sure, he is going to start screaming and he is going to send everything away. At times like this, it is better not to be around and not face them, because he would win for sure.

Hot temper is a characteristic feature of the Aries sign. It annoys many, but you will treat Aries differently when you find out that in such an unpretentious way they “let off steam”, that is, cope with stress. Irritated in an instant, they roll up a grandiose scandal – they blush, shout, wave their hands. It is not surprising that people who have fallen under the hot hand of Aries experience tremendous stress themselves. Aries, literally 20 minutes later, appears as a completely different person – calm, smiling and wondering why everyone around is so gloomy!

Aries should improve their composure by using different techniques, such as yoga or breathing exercises, so that the outbursts of anger that help cope with stress do not complicate life for Aries. In addition, extreme sports can help relieve stress.

Taurus and stress

Taurus deceives with his softness and good manners, although deep down he has his very strong character and his strong temper and always explodes. A Taurus, who loves to eat, gives it away. When he’s stressed, food sedates him and he recovers. 

These personalities accumulate experiences, and for a long time keep them inside, not giving an outlet. Their habit of analyzing the situation, looking for the cause of the problem and blaming themselves for everything only makes the situation worse. Taurus is able to withstand moral stress for a long time, but if stress does not find a way out, it will transform into a chronic disease or cause deep depression.

Lucky Taurus, who can “cry in the vest” of a loved one, because these individuals simply need someone who will listen, understand and support. And having poured out their souls, Taurus will again become self-confident and stubborn to the point of impossibility. In addition, these people need to be more often in nature, swim in the lake, walk barefoot on the grass and pick mushrooms.

Gemini and stress

Geminis are very temperamental, despite their apparent friendliness and kindness. They are very nervous people, they always do several things at the same time, they always run everywhere and control perfectly. But if they get stressed, they will end up yelling at you and if you insist, it will send you very far from their life.

The personalities of this sign most often experience stress from the fact that they grab onto several things at the same time and are torn apart due to the inability to complete them. Psychologists advise such persons to start a diary and plan work for the day. This will help avoid confusion and protect yourself from stressful situations.

Another problem for Gemini is their increased suspicion and susceptibility to anxiety. These people simply do not know how to “turn off” the brain, i.e. they cannot let go of the problem, throw it out of their heads and let everything take their course. The personalities of this sign need to learn to analyze their fears, identify the cause of anxiety and explain to themselves that nothing serious has happened, and minor troubles will certainly be resolved in the near future.

Cancer and stress

Cancer is usually all-encompassing, but if it gets stressed out, it might surprise you with its outbursts of screaming and grumpiness. Cancer knows its mood swings very well and when stress overwhelms it, it prefers to move away or go to sleep. Sleeping is your best form of escape and disconnection. When it calms down, come back.

Cancers are extremely sensitive individuals with an unstable psyche that cannot withstand the haste, pressure and aggression from other people. These people tend to inflate even a tiny problem to the scale of the universe. It is also assumed that the psyche of Cancers is influenced by the Moon, which is their patroness. Faced with stress, Cancers “close” in their shell, becoming silent and morose. Bothering with questions or trying to finish off Cancer at such moments is more precious to yourself. He can respond very aggressively.

Representatives of this sign need to be given time to calm down, rethink the problem and let go of anger. In addition, to deal with stress, they need relaxation – a quiet evening walk, a warm bathhouse or jacuzzi, tea with mint and a heartfelt conversation on an abstract topic.

Leo and stress

Leo is explosive. Leo is nervous, he always runs, he likes everything to be orderly and under control. When Leo is stressed and loses control, it is better not to shoot, because he explodes for sure, he starts screaming and he can send everything away. Actually, you want to lose sight of the problem and turn the page, so that everything disappears.

Lions seem to us so self-confident and inflexible that it is simply impossible to imagine that these individuals can be stressed. In fact, Leos are not devoid of ordinary, human feelings. They are stressed by situations in which they cannot get what they want. If an unattainable goal appears in front of Leo or the situation does not develop in his favor, he becomes enraged, sometimes without controlling his emotions at all. In this state, Leo can ruin his reputation and relationships with people who are not indifferent to him.

The best recipe for dealing with stress and uncontrolled aggression is tolerance and forgiveness. For this, it is important to analyze more and learn to put yourself in the shoes of your opponent. And Leo should be philosophical about life and more often show generosity. Noble deeds and reciprocal words of gratitude for Leo’s broad soul are an excellent remedy for stress.

Virgo and stress

Virgo is calm, orderly, has everything under control. He does not like that nothing explodes in his face. When everything is rushed and stressed, by not screaming and being unpleasant, he swells to eat, while putting his life in order and calming down. When he regains his calm, he stops eating and puts everything back together.

Virgos are prone to self-criticism, and therefore there are more than enough reasons for stress for these individuals. In striving for the ideal, they constantly find flaws: in themselves, their loved ones, others, work, and all this becomes a reason for worries and an oppressed state. And it is better not to approach an irritated Virgo, because one careless word and a tub of negativity will be turned on you.

To come to her senses, Virgo needs to be alone. Stock up on a couple of bottles of wine, cheese and chocolate, a romance novel and a warm blanket. In just a day, Virgo will be as before, gentle and benevolent. Cleaning also helps them cope with stress. The dirtier the house, the happier Virgo will be when she puts things in perfect order.

Libra and stress

Libra is calm, kind, does not complicate life, because he likes everything to be easy and flow. When something gets out of control and you get stressed, the first thing you do is start eating. It is his way of escaping from problems, work and lack of control. It is by eating that Libra calms down and relaxes.

Representatives of this sign, even in critical situations, try to pretend that nothing happened – they smile sweetly and even try to joke. This is their reaction to stress and it is absolutely destructive! It is known that suppressing negative emotions can provoke the development of severe ailments. If Libra’s endurance ends and they break loose, those around them risk experiencing anger comparable to that of an angry Leo. And this can negatively affect future relationships.

Libras need to understand that they should not hide their own emotions. It is important to delicately remove from yourself the people who provoke the development of stress by telling them: “Today I want to be alone!” or “I want to keep quiet!” And after protecting yourself from stress, you should go to the water, for example, to the banks of a river or lake, or even just take a bath. Water is the best sedative for Libra.

Scorpio and stress

Scorpio, with his coldness and control over everything, is not usually stressed, because he has his life very well organized and is very far-sighted. But should it happen, if you are completely stressed out, your best way to regain control is to get a good night’s sleep. He goes to bed and goes to sleep. Hoping that the next day everything will appear in another light.

Scorpios only look so strong and impenetrable. In fact, they are often exposed to stress, and during these periods they begin to look for a “victim”, which they simply destroy with their poison. It is not surprising that Scorpio always has many enemies and ill-wishers. All these are the results of the stress that this person is experiencing.

It’s best for Scorpios to calm down alone. Something distracting is helpful, such as an interesting movie or shopping trip. By the way, a pleasant purchase will quickly return this person to a pleasant mood. It is also helpful for Scorpios to learn relaxation techniques such as yoga. All this will improve self-control and avoid situations that lead to stress.

Sagittarius and stress

Sagittarius is explosive and very nervous. All day he runs and multitasks. He tends to get stressed out often, because there comes a time when he can’t cover everything and his way of getting it out is yelling, complaining and sending people for a walk. He actually wants to turn the page and make it all go away.

Sagittarius love to cheat themselves because of any nonsense, which ultimately brings them to an irritated, stressful state. And given the straightforwardness of this sign and his desire to speak the truth head-on, conflicts with others and the following stressful situations happen with Sagittarius regularly. In anger, Sagittarius is terrible, and does not always control his words and actions.

To minimize stressful situations, such a person needs to surround himself with people who are honest and just as straightforward. This will save Sagittarius from the need to convey the bitter truth and enter into conflicts. And in order for peace to settle in the soul of this person, Sagittarius needs to change the environment more often, communicate with new people and engage in interesting projects. Routine and monotony are destructive for these people.

Capricorn and stress

Capricorn is cold, calculating, has everything under control and cannot bear that anything or anyone is out of place, because he gets very nervous. When he’s stressed out about something, he yells and yells at people, hoping he’ll fix himself. It is capable of releasing 4 “fresh” (insults) and is so wide.

Capricorns are closed individuals who are not used to showing their emotions to others. They do the same with stressful situations – they swallow discontent, resentment, irritation, and even betrayal of a loved one, without giving any response in response. There are more than enough volitional qualities in these people, and many of them easily manage to suppress stress in themselves, but one way or another, blows to the nervous system reach their goal and lead Capricorn to the development of chronic diseases.

Negative emotions should not be suppressed, but in order to get rid of them, Capricorn should wear himself out. For example, mental workers should go into construction or go to the mountains to empty themselves physically. If a person is constantly experiencing physical exertion, you need to strain the brain with an effort. In addition, it is useful for Capricorns to give free rein to positive emotions. For this, various children’s entertainment is suitable, for example, visiting an amusement park.

Aquarius and stress

Aquarius has a great capacity for work and does not usually get stressed, but if it happens… The best thing for Aquarius is to disconnect from people, work and responsibilities, stop talking and sleep. You need to isolate yourself, to sleep and not think. Restful sleep, help you recover. He hates downloading on others.

Aquarius manages to endure stress more easily than other signs of the zodiac, and all because these people know how to think in an original way and immediately find a way out of any dead-end situation. In addition, they love to talk and always pour out their emotions in revelations, preventing them from accumulating. However, Aquarians are periodically exposed to stress, especially when they are under pressure and a burden of responsibility, or cannot realize themselves.

To cope with stress, Aquarius needs a friendly atmosphere, rest in good company, and a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one, understanding person. In addition, they need a change of scenery like air, even if it is a business trip. Different locality, new people and experiences, all this distracts Aquarius from oppressive thoughts and gives hope for the best.

Pisces and stress

Pisces is calm, always looking for ease, because it is what makes him feel happy. When for some reason, stress appears in your life, you cannot bear it. He gets his whole happy world out of control and wants to die He goes to sleep and isolates himself in his pretty and calm bubble.

Pisces is a very touchy sign, incredibly sensitive to negative words and actions. This person takes offensive words to heart, which is why he experiences real stress. And a major scandal with the accusations of Pisces can completely drive this person into depression. In addition, stress in Pisces can be caused by everyday issues, especially those that are difficult to solve – payment of utility bills, repairs and even general cleaning.

To cope with stress, Pisces needs nature. Walking in the park or forest, fishing or picking up mushrooms. All this perfectly calms the representatives of this sign. And also, the most positive emotions in Pisces are caused by water, which means that in case of stress, take a relaxing bath or go to the pool, get together in a sauna with friends or just take a walk in the rain.

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