How to increase your life energy

How to increase your life energy? Let’s start thinking in these terms: everything is energy, frequency and vibration.

Do not waste vital energy

Being healthy and full of energy should be our natural state, but sometimes, even in good health, we feel a “low vibration” on us.
This happens because we often waste energy or have it taken away from things and people around us.
In fact, more than to increase our energy, what would be better to do is eliminate what blocks it and raise our  energy frequency.

The first “intervention” to do to increase our vital energy is to eliminate the blocks and obstacles that hinder the flow of our energy.
Often these blocks are created by the mind and negative emotions that lower our vibration and make us lose energy.

First of all, try to avoid the things that drain your energy , for example an unregulated diet, negative emotions , stress , etc …
We must understand the causes behind them and try to transform them. This inner transformation work will gradually take us to a higher level of consciousness , thus increasing our energy frequency.

Also beware of “energy vampires”, those people or situations that lower your vibration. Reclaim your power  and remember that energy follows attention. The more you pay attention to a thing, the more you charge it with energy .

In addition to not wasting your energy, you need to take care of yourself and you can do it in various ways. Remember that everything is connected: therefore body, mind and spirit are interpenetrated planes . For this reason, what happens on one level  also affects the others.

Now I want to share with you some good habits that I have found useful for keeping your life energy high and increasing your vibrational frequency.


The physical body is the temple of the soul and is in close connection with the mind and spirit.

In addition to the usual advice for adequate physical activity, I would like to shift your attention to nutrition, which is closely linked to the quality of life.
So, first of all it is important to take responsibility for your diet. Passing from the verb “to eat” to the verb “to feed”.
As the ancients also knew, food is energy, so the first question I ask you is: what is the energetic quality of the food you eat?

Remember we are what we eat!

“In my path, as I became more aware , it came naturally to me not to feed on meat anymore and to become a vegetarian. This choice was natural for me and I can testify that it has brought me many benefits. “

I don’t want to tell you that you have to be a vegetarian, but I would like you to understand that food is energy. Think of the energy of a freshly picked apple or a piece of dead meat then cooked toasted. They don’t have the same energy quality, do they?
So if you want to increase your energy frequency, feed yourself with foods that have good energy quality .
Today even medicine, thanks to various studies on nutrition, has confirmed the close link between health and nutrition.

Furthermore, due to wild pollution, we take in many substances together with food and air that poison our organism.
Therefore, keeping your “temple” clean is essential if you want to increase your life energy. You can detoxify from these substances by using natural products and superfoods  to alkalize the body and promote the drainage of toxins and heavy metals.

Among the various organs, the liver  is the one that has the fundamental role of expelling toxic substances from the body, so it is important to keep it healthy and from time to time do a liver cleanse or a therapeutic fast .

There are many  natural remedies to increase one’s energy and to help the body in times of difficulty, among these we must certainly also mention Bach flowers and essential oils , which act in a “subtle” but very profound way.

The enzymes that deal with all biological processes are also of fundamental importance for our body . To maintain the correct enzyme levels I recommend a supplement with exceptional qualities that contains enzyme regulators created with a particular process that allows these enzymes to be highly bio-available.

For the purification of waste, and not only, water also plays an important role, I would say vital. So drinking living water, spring or structured water is essential.

I also invite you to discover marine plasma and its extraordinary qualities: sea water contains all the trace elements and minerals essential for life.

In addition to biological and physiological well-being, I invite you to deepen the experiments on the memory of water where it is demonstrated how thoughts influence the water that is able to memorize information.
I remind you that our body is made up of about 80% water!

Finally I would like to bring your attention to the breath.  We often forget it but it is the lifeblood of our life. At the base of many disciplines and techniques (for example Yoga ) there are breathing exercises, which even alone have great benefits, both on the body and on the mind. Breathing helps release tensions and let energy flow better .


The mind is an amazing tool and we have infinite power . But as we have the power to create, we have it to destroy. We must be able to control our mind and not be a slave to it, acting unconsciously makes energy waste.

In order to become masters of ourselves we must discover who we really are and get back in touch with the deepest part of us. To do this you can help yourself with meditation , a simple but extraordinary tool. If you initially find it difficult you can also help you with a guided meditation .

Remember that thought (or more precisely consciousness) generates matter . Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts and take your attention away from things that drain your energy.

In addition to nourishing ourselves with food, we also and above all nourish ourselves with thoughts. In fact, our thoughts affect us and our life, so being aware of them and developing harmonious thoughts will be essential.
Have you ever experienced the power of positive affirmations ?

Positive thinking has beneficial effects – it is now common knowledge – but have you ever experimented with this technique to see if things in your life really change? The power of thought and speech is immense and you can consciously use it for your own good.
But remember that it is consciousness that generates thought , so if you want to profoundly change your thoughts, the change will have to take place at the level of consciousness.

Tip: Try to pay attention to pitfalls such as judgment or complaining  because they make you waste energy unnecessarily!
Stop judging yourself (and others) and accept situations for what they are , don’t complain, rather be kinder and more understanding. Look at the aspects of yourself that you don’t like and would like to change and embrace the idea that you can transform them.

Your happiness depends on you, it is your natural state, do not allow the mind to cloud it.

To facilitate harmony in the mind there must be a certain balance between the two cerebral hemispheres. You can help yourself with music, I recommend listening to mantras and 432 Hz music  that will help you re-harmonize your mind and increase your energy frequency.


Our inner qualities are often the part we neglect the most and this takes us away from our true Self . But if we start a path of awareness or inner search we will remember who we are and gradually “reconnect” to the source of our divine energy.

Don’t think it’s complicated or “too spiritual”! Even with simple meditation we can reconnect within and tap into this infinite energy source and raise our vibration!

We must understand that we are made of energy and therefore we can use tools that act on the energetic plane .

There are different disciplines, from acupuncture to  Yoga , but also energy practices such as  Reiki ,  ThetaHealing  that can help us rebalance our energy field and increase vital energy.

Finally, I want to remind you that all the roads you walk always lead to you, they are only roads, there is no one that is right for everyone, find the right one for you.
Discover the infinite power that is within you and follow your soul’s dream.

Do what makes you happy inside, then you will tap into the source of infinite energy that is within you.

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