Incense for Meditation

complete guide to best fragrances

The incense for meditation is one of the most widely used aids in meditation practice, in both East and West. Originating from ancient Egypt, they have accompanied practitioners’ sessions for centuries thanks to their relaxing and natural aromas.

When we approach meditation, especially if we are a beginner, it is essential that the environment around us is as much as possible in harmony with our interiority.

The atmosphere must be relaxing, comfortable and naturally reconcile our path towards awareness, favoring the flow of thoughts without distracting us. It seems easy to say, but “turning off” the mind and letting inopportune thoughts flow is often a titanic undertaking for the excited reality in which we live.

What to use to perfume the environment?

If we decide to meditate at home, incense, candles and essential oils are undoubtedly the best allies to accompany us towards total relaxation and help us immerse ourselves in the present moment. Colors, smells and atmosphere lead us to tune our body to the right frequency and allow all five senses to immerse themselves in meditation with us.

In this guide we will learn which are the most effective fragrances to reconcile this practice, learning the particularities of each aroma and the different types of objects that can help us spread the right smells in the environment in which we meditate.

3 methods for diffusing fragrances


The ‘ incense has always been inextricably linked to the world of meditation. Whether for its oriental origins (it was born in ancient Egypt, but it is China that consecrates its diffusion) or for the relaxing combination that it manages to create between sight and smell – watching an incense stick burn and observe the drawings created by the smoking is one of the most soothing experiences ever.

A study by an international team of scientists has discovered how burning incense activates certain ion channels in the brain that relieve anxiety and depression .
The benefits of frankincense are also well known to monks and spiritual leaders. Some aromas are able to slow the heart rate and calm the nerves, releasing tension in the muscles and consequently promoting the meditative process.

Incense is available both in classic sticks , to be burned in a special incense holder, and in grains , which are placed in a burner to spread the fragrance throughout the room.

2. Scented candles

Available in all shapes and sizes, candles are another of the symbols par excellence of meditation and relaxation in general.

The light of a candle is delicate and does not tire the eyes, just like the light of the sun. Lighting a candle in a dark or dimly lit room makes shadows and corners more pleasant and smooth, thanks to the heat of the fire that blends with the slow sway of its flame. As a result, the ability to concentrate increases dramatically. There is also a meditation, called trataka , which is based precisely on the observation of a candle flame.
scented candle creates a suggestive atmosphere and radiates the room with lights and scents, giving the body an additional sense of calm.

Know how to choose the candles you use carefully, making sure that they do not contain harmful toxins: favor natural wax candles , such as soy wax, beeswax or coconut wax instead of paraffin ones.

3. Diffusers of essential oils

More and more are found on the market at absolutely affordable prices: essential oil diffusers are small devices that are ideal to use every day to spread the fragrance we prefer into the environment. They can range from classic wooden stick diffusers to beautifully designed electric ones, which release aroma at regular intervals into the room.

Essential oils are perfect for helping you breathe more easily, especially if you are prone to allergies or other respiratory ailments ( correct breathing , you know, is the basis of every meditation technique). They are sold in small bottles that you can buy in virtually any herbalist’s shop and of course on the web.

The best fragrances to promote meditation

1. Bergamot

The Bergamot , with its fragrance of clean and refreshing citrus, is an effective antidote to depression, anxiety and nervous indigestion. The essential oil exerts a balancing and toning effect on the nervous system that acts against psychological disorders that can make it very difficult for us to meditate.

Ideal for stimulating the energy of the second chakra , associated with water and the management of our emotions.

2. Sandalwood

The aroma of sandalwood can help achieve perfect inner calm thanks to its extensive therapeutic benefits. Not only is it known for its incredible scent, it can also have a positive effect on general well-being and mental health, along with many other amazing healing properties. One of its main benefits is that it promotes mental clarity .

Ideal for stimulating the energy of the first chakra , associated with the earth and the sense of stability.

3. Vanilla

The vanilla aroma is the best ally for rest . This is due to its sedative and relaxing properties, which lower blood pressure and have a calming effect on the brain. A small amount of vanilla essential oil is recommended for those suffering from insomnia, so be careful not to fall asleep if you choose this fragrance for meditation!

Ideal for stimulating the energy of the second chakra , associated with water and the management of our emotions.

4. Cedar wood

The cedar wood can help you to focus on your inner life with more ease. It can also help illuminate your need for meditation if you have recently encountered obstacles that have made it difficult.

Ideal for stimulating the energy of the first chakra , associated with the earth and the sense of stability.

5. Neroli

Neroli is a powerful floral fragrance that promotes self-acceptance , helps to face fears and facilitate the inner path to take. Aroma can also inspire creativity , particularly with regards to spiritual practices.

Ideal for stimulating the energy of the fourth chakra , associated with air and the opening of the heart.

In Conclusion

Meditation incenses, as well as scented candles and essential oils, are available in a huge range of fragrances. It is important to know how to choose the one that best suits our tastes, which at the same time favors the concentration and relaxation necessary for meditation.

We can also choose an aroma in line with the goals we want to achieve and the chakras we want to work on more.

Experiment with it and find what suits you best.